February 1, 2015

"P" is for Prayers

The letter we are working on at home this week is "P". We start out on Monday doing handwriting and talking about things that start with the letter "P". So I ask the kids for some things that start with "
P" and Kaidi says, "Pituitary Gland!" (with a slight snicker afterwards bc it's such a fun word to say). First of all I am shocked that THAT was the word she chose instead of something a lil simpler like "pop" or "pig". We go through talking about all sorts of other words.. "pretty" "pizza" "popcorn" "pen".... you get the idea.. As the kids get into the handwriting exercises, I like to sit and just watch them... Asher struggling to stop the line from going further up the page (he writes his letters from the bottom to the top instead of top to bottom) then he sits and stares a minute, trying to decide where to start his pencil again... Kaidi breezes through this part of the activity, she's been writing letters for a while now... as we are sitting there, Atlas is ,of course, all over the place.. climbing on the table, grabbing crayons and aggravating Asher as much as possible.. Kaidi says, "Mama, you know what else starts with the letter "P"!" I look at her, while trying to drag Atlas off the table, "What's that, Baby?".... she looks up at me with a big grin on her face and says so sweetly, "Prayers!"

Now I am going to take you back a few days... share a wonderful story about child-like faith... Kaidi is not one to have accidents through the night, but this past week she wet the bed 4 times over a weeks time. Saturday morning while stripping the bedding.. again... I was talking to her and telling her that I may call the dr. Monday morning because it was not normal for her to be wetting the bed so many times lately when she didn't usually have accidents. She's real big in to praying for things every night and I am so thankful that she is open to us about what she prays for. Toyia's daughter, Sophie, recently had an accident and hurt her leg very bad, Kaidi prayed for her a few times that week, That night she told Greg that she prayed that everyone's boo-boo's would get better, and she also prayed that she wouldn't wet the bed that night. She woke up that morning dry and the first thing she shared was that she didn't wet the bed! God had answered her prayers.. He answered them again Sunday night. I love that something so minor and honestly, something I wouldn't have really thought about praying for, God answered, she realized that and from that, her faith grew and she asked again the next night, knowing that her God could do anything... children can teach us so much about faith.

Back to our "school time". We finished up our handwriting sheet on "P" and Kaidi did a worksheet where she had to cut out little Party hats that had different letters on them and then paste the ones that had a "P" on them on the kids on the worksheet. After she was finished, we went outside to check out the motorcycle ride-on toy that Pop and Nana brought back from Uncle Adam and Aunt Heather's house. They really enjoyed it but it was very cold out so we weren't able to stay out for very long.
Here are some pics from Monday:

Tuesday Morning they all piled up in my lap and we watched one of their favorite shows, Power Rangers. (I still don't understand why they like this show. lol)

I prepped the dining room table for our project of the day. Gregg and I bought some tomato pods a few weeks back for us to plant with the kids and I had some little pots that had been sitting around for awhile so I decided to let them "Paint the Pots for Planting". My kids LOVE painting (they get it honest) so we spent the morning making beautiful little pots for our tomato plants. Each one of them are different and I decided to let them put their hand print on them so that it would make them even more special! :) That night we had Pizza for dinner.. so the "p" words continue! :)

Wednesday morning we did a Porcupine Craft and the kids used pasta to make the quills. I think they ate more of the pasta than they stuck to the paper! lol

That afternoon we decided to ride over and enjoy a little Picnic at the Park.

Thursday morning, Atlas and Kaidi had dentist appointments. We took all 3 of them in hopes that if there was enough time, they may could look over Asher's teeth, too. Atlas is in need of some dental work. He's had a tough time with his teeth. After falling and knocking the 4 top teeth up in his gums this past summer, they have seemed to just deteriorate from there. He wouldn't cooperate at all. (probably didn't help that he had a tonsillectomy 2 weeks prior) Kaidi did a very good job. She was nervous at first and had a few tears, but she calmed down quickly and was a wonderful patient.

I had plenty more typed up to go along with this blog but for some reason it all got deleted.. i don't even have the energy to go on and explain the rest of our week, again. So I am leaving it here so that I can look back on the above, one day! :)

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Kaidi sounds like the sweetest girl in the world. I think as we grow we start to get away from prayers but it is so important that we keep faith in God and never stop believing in the power of prayer.