January 5, 2015

Hello 2015

Today has been a wonderful Monday morning. Since I am not helping at the daycare anymore, the kids were able to sleep in which allowed me to sleep in.. 8:15 before I rolled out of bed!! That was nice! :)  Had a healthy breakfast then bundled my kids up and we headed to the stadium for some exercise. Took mom with us and Hannah joined too. We were there for about 40 minutes. We decided to have a "biggest loser" competition between the 3 of us and whoever has lost the most at the end of 12 weeks will get $50 from each of the other. It's always nice to have a little monetary motivation. :) I am sure there are so many people out there who started a "diet" today or even Jan. 1. I waited until Monday because , c'mon everything starts on a Monday, right? ;) It just made it easier for me.. even though Gregg always says, "why put off tomorrow what you can do today?" I waited until Monday! :) So I am not going to be on any particular diet.. I am just going to be more conscious of what I eat, how much I eat and cutting out sodas and drinking a LOT more water. As brave as I want to be and post my "Start Day" pics, I really just don't have it in me. Maybe after I've lost the first 10 lbs or so. Anyway. Here's to a new year.. a new me...

I know I have been very quiet in the blogging world.. I really can't explain it.. I've been busy working full time again for the past 4 months.. but even when I would sit down at the computer and pull up to start a new blog post, my mind would go blank.... now I know my 3 kids give me plenty to talk about and I really want to start posting more of their funnies and stories.. We go non-stop around here so it's hard alot of times to sit down and get it all out.. Hope everyone has a wonderful 2015. I am looking forward to what God has in store for us.. We are in a season of change in our lives and it's scary, but I know that the Lord will be faithful, as He always is, and before we know it, we will be looking back at this and seeing how far we've come.

Happy Monday. :)


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