October 13, 2014

Just a Swingin'

I know it has been a little while since I posted, but sometimes I sit here and stare at the screen and really don't "feel" it so I just close out and wait for another time.. There have been so many things I could blog about.. things I feel passionate about.. crazy things my kids say or do, but the words just don't seem to be there when it comes time to spill it out on to the screen.. I'm not sure what is different this time, but we shall see where it takes us! :)

I'm sitting here just a swingin' in the backyard as my kids jump on the trampoline, ride around on their jeep, throw sand to the wind and fly on their bellies on the new swings we just put up for them. Their laughter is nothing but pure joy! My heart smiles as I watch them all on the trampoline, the boys sitting so patiently as Kaidi does her "tricks".. they applaud her with true, genuine pride for her ability to jump in the air and kick her legs up as if it is the most interesting thing ever! They take turns, one by one. It's Asher's turn now and he has managed to get his motorcycle up there with them, He bounces up and down, golden locks bouncing beautifully with every rise and fall. His smile is HUGE! He is so proud of himself for getting the motorcycle up there! Of course, he keeps glancing at me, waiting for me to tell him he can't do that, but I just sit and smile, loving how daring he is and the carefree little boy that's inside! Atlas of course keeps getting in the way, he jumps up wanting to join in their turns, they holler at him, he laughs and continues on.. because he is the one who truly could care less that they're mad. He's pulling Kaidi's hair as I type this, with a big grin.. He's so aggravating! They're falling apart now, Atlas is of course the reason, he was fighting for the motorcycle.. and won.. Kaidi is coming towards me now.. tears rolling down her face.. "MOM, I'm having a bad time today...sob... sob..."  I ask her why she is having such a bad time... "Because the boys won't do whatever I tell them to!!" ...typical! ;) She's laying up beside me now as we swing back and forth... she's over it now.. moved on to the subject of how pretty of a day it is.. I agree.. tell her how God blesses us with sunshine so we can play outside and breathe fresh air. I love sitting out here.. watching them.. they are my sunshine.. so I can live in this world and breathe in His blessings. I've sang "you are my sunshine" to Kaidi her entire life.. it became "her song" when she was a baby.. it would bring tears to my eyes as I held this huge piece of sunshine in my arms.. my days seemed so cloudy and gray but I could take one look at her and see sunshine!

Here is a picture of my sweet sunshine....

Took the kids to see the Scarecrows at the lake last week.. I thoroughly enjoyed the day with them. After working the past 4-5 weeks at the daycare, they have missed me as much as I have missed them. It was great getting to spend the entire day with them. Enjoyed the scarecrows that morning, followed by playing on the playground at the lake and then enjoying lunch there.. then that afternoon Kaidi had Parent Observation at dance so we got to see all the things she has learned so far at dance. Since we were going to Georgianna right after dance, we had the boys with us, too. They did so good during her class. When we got to Gregg's parents house to celebrate his dad's birthday, we spent a pretty good bit of time outside blowing bubbles and just enjoying the wonderful weather. My kids love being outdoors.  Here are a few pictures from our wonderful day together:

While we waited on the golf carts to get there, we decided to paint our pumpkins.

Since we saw the scarecrows on the golf carts, we didn't get to spend much time really looking at them. The superhero scarecrows were a short walk from the pavilion so we walked down to check them out. 

He thought it was so cool that he could climb up on top of the round monkey bars. 

It was very hard getting a picture of all 3 of them!  Atlas was NOT in a good mood at this point!

Love this shot. 

Asher has become obsessed with taking pictures. I love this picture. My handsome husband. 

3 of my blessings! I love being a mommy!

This picture is perfect!

John and Atlas had fun with me taking pictures of them!


These 2 love each other so much! They say all the time that they want to marry each other when they get older. I always respond, " I know we live in Alabama, but that is NOT going to happen!" 

Our weekend has been pretty quiet.. Gregg and I got to enjoy some time together Saturday at a dove hunt. We only saw 1 dove the entire time we sat out there, but we had great conversation while we sat.

This brought back memories of us in our dating years in his old toyota single cab truck. 

Gregg and Asher are going squirrel hunting in the morning and we are gonna have a pretty low-key day at home. I have to work at the daycare again this Thursday so for the next few days we are just gonna catch up on some "school work" we've been missing out on.. Kaidi has been doing so well! She can recognize about 8 colors (words), and can spell pink, brown, black, blue and red. She loves doing addition and definitely has a God-given talent for art. She blows my mind at how well she can draw for her age, and even the creativity she has in her drawings. Asher can almost write his name on his own and has gotten much better at coloring. Atlas, well.. he's just Atlas.. he doesn't give a rip! lol Have a great week!


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