August 20, 2014

Starting School

Last week I started the kids on their "school work" for the year. We are going through the alphabet one letter a week and after 4 letters we will do a review. It's a little tough trying to be sure I cover the right amount for each child since they are all 3 at different levels. Kaidi is mostly working on sight words and learning to read and math. Asher is starting from the beginning of learning all of his letters and how to write them. With Atlas I am mostly trying to work on colors, shapes and opening up his vocabulary a little bit. Boys are SOOO different than girls! Kaidi would sit and do school work all morning if I would let her. Asher on the other hand, he gets tired of it very quickly, starts doodling and I have started taking his pencil away and telling him to tell me when he's ready to do it the right way and we will try again. He has mastered writing his "A" so I am proud to know that he IS at least getting something out of it! :) I really enjoy being able to sit down with them and teach them and watch them learn more everyday! I am hoping that over the next few weeks we will get in a better routine with things and it will become even more fun for them. I have kind of come up with my own little curriculum for them and I try to sit down one day/night and plan for the week ahead. One great thing about being a stay at home mom is that even when we have to go places, we can still stick to our plan and try to incorporate our learning in whatever we have going on that day and not feel like we have to be tied to the table. Last week we rode with my mom to the doctor and while sitting at lunch they each had a pack of smarties and Kaidi worked on spelling her candy out to the letter Aa. Today while at lunch with Gregg I asked Asher to point out any "B"s he saw in the restaurant so he looked all over and would get excited when he'd find one. I have found a ton of free resources through Pinterest and a project I am working on this week is getting some wordwall cards ready so we can start doing a calendar time every morning and I can put up colors and shapes so that they will see them everyday. Little by little it will all come together and we will have our routine down. Here are a few of my favorite sites:

Any of you out there teaching your young kids at home? Any great sites to recommend? Or Tips on scheduling and working with different age groups? 

I wanted to share this story with you.. I was in the bathroom getting ready yesterday and I overheard Kaidi and Asher having a conversation while playing in their room.
Kaidi: "Asher, when we get to Heaven our body will be transformed and we won't ever hurt or be sick again! We will be made new!"
Asher: "uh huh, and the debil can't mess with us no more eeber!(either)!" 

Don't ya just love to hear your kids having conversations about God's promises and the wonderful future we have when this life on Earth ends?! On the Other Side! :) 

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