August 19, 2014

Online Bible Study

I recently finished a book by Courtney Joseph titled Women Living Well. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and how it talked about finding joy in your faith, your marriage, your parenting and your home. In the book she talks about Good Morning Girls that she is apart of so I decided to check it out and boy was it a spiritual treat! On this site they offered encouragement and free Bible study plans. They were currently in a study for the summer and had announced that they would be starting one in the fall on Esther. Now I love the story of Esther and so I was very excited about the upcoming study! I checked on the dates and enrollment for the study was coming up and I couldn't wait to sign up! It finally opened up yesterday and I was probably one of the first ones signing up! lol They also have FB groups that you can become a part of while doing the lesson to give you more accountability and encouragement along the way as you dive in to God's word together! I wanted to share because I know there are so many people out there who really don't know where to start in reading their Bible! I have been there before and just needing a little guidance in what to read and even in the application to my life. I encourage any of you who are looking for something to go to their site and sign up. They use to be called Good Morning Girls, but they recently changed their name to Love God Greatly. Sign up today and let me know if you did! :) 
Esther FB Header
They also have a GREAT pinterest page HERE.

I also wanted to add that after a few years of considering this, I finally made the decision to get my own domain name so my blog can now be found at no more confusion with the blogspot in there and I am hoping that it can open up some other opportunities for me with blogging. I created a page for it as well on FB and hoping that it will be easier to get my posts there automatically and be able to share that way as well.

My last blog post on my friend. Toyia and her mother who HAD cancer.. I am SOOO excited to share that they went in for her surgery and there was no cancer to be found! What they thought was another tumor on the MRI turned out to be leftover tissue of her uterus and cervix from her hysterectomy. So after 6 months of chemotherapy, she kicked cancer in the butt! :) Praise be to God for His healing power and His love for us and may He continue to be glorified in the life of Janet and the wonderful testimony she has! Thank you to ALL who joined me in prayer!

Last Bit:
I am working on transferring my Road Trip Blog to my regular blog because it is under 2 different email accounts and very confusing/aggravating for me in posting. I am combining a few of the days together and will try to get the rest of our trip typed up while it is still somewhat fresh on my mind!

Have a wonderful week and be a blessing to those you come in to contact with! Sometimes your life is the only Bible some people ever see!  

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