March 23, 2014

Latest Happenings at the Ramer House

I absolutely LOVE hearing Kaidi's thoughts. On our way to my Bible study group one night, as we were walking in, Kaidi says, "Mom, God is walking beside me RIGHT now!"  I smile and tell her she's right. When I was putting the kids in the car that night heading home, Kaidi slid over really far in her booster seat, I asked her what she was doing and she says, "I'm making room for God to sit beside me!!" I love that she has turned Him in to an "imaginary friend" type. She then goes on to tell me, "Mom, I don't want to go down there (gives a thumbs down) I want to go up there (gives a thumbs up). How do I get to live in Heaven?" I explain to her that you have to invite Jesus in to your heart and live a life for Jesus and you will go to Heaven (simple version for the 4 year old). I could see her wheels turning, soaking up everything I was explaining to her. I get her buckled up and get in to the drivers seat. On the way home, all of a sudden she says, "Mom I want to invite Jesus in to my heart so that I can live a life for him and go to Heaven!" I just LOVED hearing her say this and knowing that she sat and thought about it for a minute and really thought about what she was doing was even more important. I will have to admit that I did question if she was capable of doing this, of understanding what it meant to be a a Christian and if it was truly the right time for her to do this or if we needed to wait a few more years. Few days later she tells me that she invited Jesus in to her heart. She also ran through a course of questions for about a week like, "When am I going to die?" "How do I get to Heaven when I die?" and the craziest one of all, "When is the world going to an end?" I pray for wisdom from God on how to answer these questions she keeps asking. I do my best to answer them as close to the Bible as I can. I don't want to confuse her, or give her a false sense of understanding in things. We even had a conversation about this at my MOPS meeting this past week, how sometimes the things our children, or we as children learn  that "Jesus comes and lives in our heart" can be very confusing for a 4 year old. I struggled with understanding how my 4 year old could be saved and I came across a verse that hit me, Acts 11:17 "So if God gave them the same gift he gave us who believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, who was I to think that I could stand in God's way?" Who am I to question her motivations or question if she truly understood. Who's to say I truly understood when I asked Jesus in my heart at the age of 9. There are plenty of questions that I could come up with, but why? My daughter wants to become a Christian, she wants to ask the beautiful, wonderful gracious Savior in to her heart and she wants to live for him! How awesome is that?! We've not made an additional steps with her and I am not sure that she would quite understand baptism right now anyway, so that may be something that we can hold off on for a few years. I know that God has wonderful things in store for her, I know that she is going to do great things for Him and I am proud of the decision that she has made and pray that I live a life that will show her what we are called to do as a Christian. "Let it start with me" 

Now, I know I was rather long with that topic, and it has been FOREVER (it seems) since I last posted. Things are going great at our house. Kids are growing super fast and right now are semi-healthy (we always have a pesky ear infection or an eczema breakout at least once a month) and the boys are BOYS, no doubt, They shave about 6 months off of my life every week. If they aren't jumping off the couch and bed, they are climbing on the dresser or on top of the cabinet. They get in to everything, they tie up all the time and fight like cats and dogs and they give the best hugs and kisses any little boys could give ;)
Kaidi is getting so growny and I just can't get over how wise that little girl is. She amazes me all the time! Things are really starting to feel like home in Dothan. We have had our house for sale since October and have had a few people look at it and few others call, but I think we are about to take the sign out of the yard and give it a little bit of time. We want to scope out some land and find the place we want to make our home and build again. It was such a wonderful process for us and we would probably built the exact same house, well, maybe not exact, maybe a few changes, but it was a pretty good floor plan, if i do say so myself ;).  We've started "pinteresting" ideas together and hopefully we will see those "pins" come to life soon enough. 

I wanted to add a few prayer requests for those of you that are the praying type: Even if you're not, just throw up a few words as you read this and that is better than nothing at all. 

  • One of my best friends, Toyia is going through a tough time right now since her mother has recently been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. She shares about their journey on her blog and if you can offer a word of encouragement to her and prayers for her mother as she starts her first treatments this week, that would be AWESOME.

  • My granddaddy underwent surgery last Tuesday to remove cancerous tumors from his colon and will hopefully go home this week. He will have a temporary colostomy bag while his body heals from his 5-6 hour surgery they performed. I'm not sure of what kind of treatment he will do because they were waiting to hear back from his lab work from the tumors they removed. 

  • Fellow MOPS mom, Channie, is at Children's in Birmingham with her oldest son after he's been sick throwing up and in a lot of pain for the past week. They are still trying to pin point exactly what is going on. She also has her baby up there with her as well because he won't take a bottle. Pray for guidance for the doctors and patience for Channie as she handles her 2 boys and misses her other 2 boys that are at home with their daddy. 

I know there are so many more things I could list, but these are the 3 that I am adding for the day. Thank you all so much.

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