December 11, 2013

Stepping Back, Breathing in the Moments that Matter

I cannot believe that we are just a few weeks away from 2014. 2013 has seriously FLOWN by! We have had so much happen this year and honestly, I am looking forward to starting a new year. This past week has been pretty eventful with Kaidi's 4th birthday party on Sunday and then Asher having a tonsillectomy with an overnight hospital stay yesterday. He is doing really good right now and I hope that this continues. We have already taken him off of the codeine because it just knocks him out too much and he can barely function. When Kaidi had her tonsils taken out back in the summer, her worst days were days 3-7. So I am preparing myself for a tough weekend. 
After Kaidi's party Sunday afternoon, she went home with my parents because she has ballet in Andalusia on Monday afternoons and that kept me from having to make the drive all the way over that way to take her. Monday evening Gregg and I both went to the gym around 6:30 and after our workouts, we decided we wanted to take Asher to Chick-fil-A for dinner so he could have a little fun on the playground before having such a rough day Tuesday. We were almost the only ones left in CFA because it was late and we took the boys in the play area and Asher managed to get Gregg to crawl in to a little helicopter with him. Gregg then pulled Atlas in there too and I sat and my heart smiled SO big seeing my boys sitting in there together. I didn't have my phone because we all know I would have captured this picture and then shared it to IG and FB but it was a moment that I got emotional over. I'm not sure why, exactly, but my eyes teared up and Gregg looked at me and asked what was wrong and there wasn't anything wrong, I was just overwhelmed with joy. Our family is precious, absolutely precious and I wanted to hold on to that moment and etch it permanently in my heart forever. I kinda backtracked over how busy life gets and how we rush rush rush through everything because we live in such a fast paced world where everything needs to be instant and if we have to wait on anything we get mad. I am tired of living like that. I looked at that moment of my boys all sitting together and how close Asher and Atlas were and how I looked forward to the many years ahead of us with all the "brother trouble" and I just smiled. There are so many moments that are forgotten because we have so much other stuff on our mind that we don't just sit back and breathe in those beautiful moments. We rush on to the next "thing to do". Or because we are so consumed with our gadgets that we miss the moment all together. I cannot tell you how many times I have been busy scrolling on my phone and Kaidi standing in front of me, "Watch this Mama" "Look at what I can do" "Hey Mom, watch me!" and I would tell her "Just a minute" or "Hold on a second". WHAT WAS I THINKING???!!!?? To her that is saying, "whatever is happening on my phone is more important than what you want to show me" I am SO backwards, I should be saying "Hold on FB, My Boo is wanting to show me one of her fantastic front rolls" or "Just a minute Instagram while I watch my Asher jump off the couch!" Usually I am so busy capturing these moments with my phone so that I can go straight to these apps and post it for the world to see. But Why? What is my purpose?? I usually justify my reasons for staying SO connected to the "NOW" because I want to keep our families who live away from us up to speed on the kids and that is true, but there are other ways. My blog is MY place to write all this stuff down, my journal of our lives. Sure I can look on FB and see the picture or video of the kids jumping off the clothes basket, but what I may forget is the stuff that isn't in the pictures or videos, the sweet hugs that the boys exchanged after nearly ripping each others clothes off fighting over who could get on the basket next. There are so many funny things my kids say daily that I am ,too soon,gonna forget and I don't want to lose those moments. Those moments are FAR more important to me than what any one else is doing on FB or IG. So begins my step away from FB and IG (not deleting or deactivating) But stepping away from what everyone else is doing around me and focusing on the most important things in my life, My family. For my out of town family and friends, I plan to blog about our daily events. At least once a week, hopefully more often and I will post that link to FB because I know that is where more people find it. I realize that my priority is my kids and my family and I want to put more focus on them and less focus on what "so and so" is having for dinner! I am sure many of you will understand and for those who don't, I'm not asking you to, this is just what I am going to do with my life and hope to encourage everyone to take a step back and check yourself. Are you too caught up in the world around you? Do you think it's healthy? And do the things that matter most to you in your words, matter most to you in your actions? 

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