November 11, 2013

Happy 29 Years!

This past Thursday was my 29th Birthday. I started the day out at the gym hoping to sweat out my sorrows of being one year away from 30! ;) In my class, we ended the workout with 29 birthday burpeees and I could have collapsed on the floor and just spent the rest of the day there and been quite content! But kiddos were waiting in the child care room and my brother was on his way to Dothan from North Alabama so I had to get moving. Adam arrived in town a little after lunch and we caught up and ate what few leftovers I had in my fridge and then loaded up the car to go visit my Granddaddy. We spent about an hour up there visiting. And then when we got back home I had a beautiful bouquet of flowers on my door step!
Gregg was playing in a golf tournament that day and left early that morning and wasn't coming in until later in the evening so he was sure to surprise me with my favorite flowers! :) We ended up meeting him for dinner that night at Applebee's and had a very enjoyable "birthday" dinner. The next day I got up and met my mom, brother and grandmother for lunch at Chili's and they did the whole birthday clapping thing for me and Kaidi thought that was SOOO fun! Things finally settled down for us a little bit and I had the kids laying down taking a nap and got a phone call from Gregg telling me to get a shower and get dressed that he was gonna take me out to dinner and a movie and of course I am immediately thinking.. ummm who's gonna be keeping our kids?? He stalked out my friends list on FB and found our regular babysitter and had messaged her earlier in the week to see if she was available. This was GREAT! I was so excited that I didn't have to do anything but get myself ready! Only thing is, I didn't know how hard that would turn out to be! Gregg gets so frustrated with me because I am CONSTANTLY complaining about not having anything to wear. I throw on shirt after shirt and I don't like any of them and this is causing my frizzy hair to get frizzier and then when I finally settle on a shirt I walk in to the bathroom only to be disgusted by my horrible hair! lol I feel so silly talking about it, but in the moment it was very depressing! lol I get my hair all tamed back down the best I could and throw on some make-up and I'm ready! We had a wonderful dinner at Conestoga Steakhouse and then we went to Sam's and did a little shopping while we waited for our movie time to arrive. We then went to see Last Vegas which was a great movie!! I laughed and laughed at those old men having a bachelor party for one of their friends who was marrying a girl that was in her 30's! We got home that night and Kaidi and Asher were still running around so we got them down to bed and finally crashed ourselves. It had been a long day and we had another long day Saturday. Gregg had also planned a fish fry for my birthday for Saturday that all our family was coming to and ended up having to spill the surprise because the kids were invited to a birthday party Saturday and I was already planning to go to it. We had a very low-key gathering and I was blessed with some great fellowship and great gifts! It's always nice to have something for your birthday. Even if it's something small, it's your one day out of the year that is just for you! :) I always try to make Greggs birthday's special. Especially since his birthday is New Years Day. Most people are always focused on the holiday. I am so appreciative to him for making my birthday extra special and actually I got to celebrate 3 days in a row! :) 

I am so thankful for the 29 years I have had on this Earth! God has blessed me with Great family, Great Friends, Great kids and Great memories! I can remember thinking 29 was old and that it would take me forever to get there, and here I am, 29 years young and feeling fabulous! ;) 

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