September 3, 2013

Asher's 2nd Birthday

This little guy had a GREAT birthday party! With all the junk I had going on the month of July, Asher's party didn't happen until almost a month after his actual birthday. (I don't think he minded) I did a very small party at the house. I was glad that I did. He had the best time playing with his cousins. We didn't have any crazy meltdowns or wild temper tantrums (not that he EVER has those). The only crazy thing that happened was my back porch ceiling fan went crazy and the blades broke off and went flying through the yard. It was a very unfortunate incident and we are very lucky that noone was hurt badly. One of our guests did get hit in the back, but she was much better after a good ole sucker! :) We got pizza, threw some chips on a plate and opened up a bag of reeces pieces and called it a party! Finished it off with some yummy chocolate cake that Asher and I made for his Birthday and some homemade vanilla ice cream! :)  Really can't believe my little guy is 2. The past 2 years have FLOWN by! Asher has the sweetest heart. Everyone loves him because he is so laid back and chill. He doesn't get too worked up about much and loves to just sit back and "people watch". His vocabulary has quadrupled in the past month. He is speaking so well. He LOVES to climb on EVERYTHING!! He pushes chairs up everywhere and climbs. He loves motorcycles. He has an obsession with them. He rides on a riding toy more than any of my other kiddos has. He went about a month straight where he rode everywhere in the house on his motorcycle. He called it a "Hot dog". We have NO clue where that came from either. :) Anyway. Love this little guy SO much. 
He was such a lil chunk! My sweet 8lb ball of sugar! :)
Handsome lil fella

This was his Birthday cupcake on his actual birthday.

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