August 4, 2013

Crazy Mono

Back on July 4, I woke up with some pain in my right side neck. I thought maybe I had slept on it wrong because we were staying at the lake house and I fell asleep on the couch while watching a movie. That night I cooked some chicken over at Gregg's grandmothers house and stood in the kitchen for an hour or more and when I finished cooking, I was completely wore out and had no appetite. I made up a to-go plate and took it back with us to the lake house. We ended up staying all the way through Sunday at the cabin and I had a massive headache, extreme fatigue and actually took a nap. Now for anyone that knows me, knows I don't nap often. I have to be REALLY tired to lay down and take a nap in the middle of the day when there is SO much that can be done. Sunday morning when I got up I was barely functioning I was so give out and my head felt like it was gonna explode. I felt nauseous and at one point I thought I was going to pass out. We made it from the cabin to Opp where we met Gregg's family for lunch and I was hoping that I would feel better after lunch. I didn't so Gregg decided to take me to the ER. His aunt kept the kids while we ran up there and when I was being checked over by the doctor he started really thinking meningitis. I decided to be transferred to the hospital in Dothan, since we live there, and Gregg got the kids situated at his cousins house for overnight while my parents took me on to the hospital in Dothan. When I got there they made me put a mask on and I looked like I had SARS or something. They finally got me back to a room and they did some blood work on me and took me to have a CT scan of my head done. Everything came back normal and they sent me home and told me to rotate tylenol and motrin that it was probably just something viral. That something viral took me through 17 straight days of fever, chills, sweats, headache, fatigue, 3 different blood labwork, an urgent care visit, and finally a doctor visit in which he ordered a spinal tap, EKG and some extensive lab work to be completed. I went in the next morning for my tests and I will have to say, spinal tap- NO FUN at all. it took 4 tries before he got it and that last time was not in a numb area so it was definitely uncomfortable. I got very sick during the tap and had to lie down for a brief moment. After that was done they took me for the EKG and everything looked fine there. Then I made my way to the lab where they collected blood and urine for cultures. I went home to my moms (Happened to be staying there that week because Kaidi had a ballet camp in Andalusia) and laid down the rest of the afternoon. When she and my kids got there, I went and laid in her bed until about 9 or so that night and I got up with extreme chest pain. Horrible. As soon as Gregg got to my moms (with the sonic blast he picked up for me that I only got 2 bites of :( ) We headed to the ER where they ended up admitting me for 2 nights. I had an ultrasound done of my gallbladder and then they did a hideascan on me which showed that my gallbladder functioned at 46% and they usually don't take them out unless they are 35% or below. I forgot to mention that I had a horrible spinal headache (from the spinal tap) that lasted the entire time I was in the hospital. After everything looked ok with my gallbladder they decided to run the scope down my throat and check that out. Ended up having a few small ulcers in my stomach, but nothing to worry about. Then some good ole lab work came back Friday morning... Positive for Mono! FINALLY an explanation as to WHY on Earth I was feeling HORRIBLE and had NO energy. I literally couldn't walk 5' without being dead tired. I got to go home and Gregg loaded up the kiddos in his truck and his aunt drove my van to Dothan. I pretty much slept like 20 hours straight, got up, drank a lil water, took some meds and slept another 20 hours. LOL. Gregg crawled up in bed with me one time and said, "I have NEVER seen you sleep this much before!" Sunday afternoon my parents came and got the kids and took them home with them since Gregg had to go back to work Monday. I had Monday and Tuesday to rest up and Wednesday afternoon Hannah and Mom brought them to me. I was still feeling kinda tired, but managed to get things moving with them. Thurs., however, I had a doctors appointment for Atlas in Enterprise that I had completely forgotten about. We made it to the appointment 1 minute late with no bottle, no shoes on Asher and no carseat for Kaidi. :( I felt like I was TOTALLY off my game as a Mom. I even laughed at myself because I pulled up at a red light and there was a car full of kids in the backseat of the car beside me, one sitting in another ones lap who probably should have been in a booster like Kaidi. And I hypocritically judged. "I cannot BELIEVE they don't have that little girl in a carseat!" Then I looked in the mirror and said, "Hello Pot!". Friday morning we had to get up bright and early and head to Opp for our Annual Ramer Twin Memorial Blood Drive. Gregg took the kids to my mom while I ran up to the Dr. office to do a quick blood draw and find out some results on a lot of the testing I had done. Thankfully, the rheumatoid factor test and the auto-immune tests he ran all came back normal. As soon as they were finished with me I ran up to the center where we were having the drive and started a very LONG but very successful blood drive. We had over 100 people sign in at the drive and collected 89 units of blood. Our goal was only 59 and we had to turn the last 5 people away because we ran out of bags! :) I was so excited to have a great year! I owe a huge thanks to my Mom, Dad,  Gary and Gina for putting out the flyers and getting my yard signs done and stuck out around town. They were a great help! I also had some awesome volunteers that came and helped at the drive with whatever I needed them to do. I am so blessed with people who truly care about my family and are willing to come and help me with something that is SO very important to me. Thank You All! After leaving the blood drive around 6, I had to run and get my kids from my sister and then take them to Gregg's Grannys house where he and his mom and dad waited. His parents took the kids home with them and we headed south for the saltwater and sand! :)I had my 10 year class reunion Saturday night on a dinner cruise and we decided to stay a few extra nights for a little getaway. We had a wonderful long weekend in which we enjoyed great movies, wonderful food and good quality time with each other. Something we haven't had in a long time and it was long overdue. We stayed in a condo across from a tattoo parlor and decided to finally get the tattoos we had been talking about for years. :) I got a wrist tattoo and I was very nervous about it to begin with. Nervous about how bad it was gonna hurt, nervous if I was gonna like it there or not. Did I make a good choice. I will have to say, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It did hurt a little, but only lasted about 10 minutes.
I'm gonna end this post with some more pictures. 
Here is a pic of us on the cruise. Wind Blown look! :)
This picture was taken after the dinner cruise. We were in the drive thru line at Taco Bell. lol Cruise food was good, but several hours ago so we needed a late night snack! :)

btw, we didn't intentionally match. Gregg's outfit was decided before we left the house, and the dress I ended up wearing to my reunion was one he bought for me at Dillard's earlier that day. :)
He did a great job picking it out. Fit perfectly and was very comfortable! :)
Here's a shot of Gregg's tat. He got it on his leg. That's where B&K use to run up and hug him all the time. :'(
Close up
Here's a further away pic so you can see that it doesn't take up his ENTIRE leg like it looks in the closeup! :)
Here are some shots with the kiddos
My sweet little Kaidi is growing up so fast. She loves to sing and dance. She twirls and sways all over the house with her purple tutu dress. She puts that thing on everyday and it typically goes with her if she is spending the night away. She calls it her Rapunzel dress.
This was at her Parents Show after her 2 week ballet camp. I missed it because I was in the hospital and was so upset I couldn't be there for her. I am STILL waiting on the video Gina took for me (*cough cough) ;)
Sweet baby girl also had her tonsils taken out the end of June and thankfully we made it past that recovery. She is one dramatic, can't stop crying, crazy kid on lortab! LOL 
This pic was taken about 2 hours after her surgery. First thing she wanted was chicken nuggets and french fries! lol
My precious Asher turned 2 on July 16. This was him eating his birthday cupcake for dinner that night. He is such a sweet little boy. I am looking forward to having his party this weekend. Just couldn't do it in July with everything that went on. 
He loves a riding toy more than just about anything in this world (besides me of course ;) ) and this is what Pop and Nana (My parents, who both have Harleys) got him. He rides it all the time at the house. Everyday! He use to call a motorcycle a "Hotdog" and I had no clue why! lol now he finally says motorcycle!
This lil fella turned 1 on June 14 and the pic tells it all! :) He is WILD!! WILD!! So fun to watch. His personality is SO different than Kaidi and Asher's. He acts VERY much like Kenadi did! Funny since he looks more like her! :) He has been battling a pesky ear infection that will just NOT get better! It will go from one side draining to the other! Just cannot get him well. We ended up having to pull him from his last few weeks of swimming lessons and that was in June! His ear is still draining today. We've been to the ped and ENT numerous times and I'm doing just what the ENT said. So IDK? 
Took this today after church he was enjoying some biscuits leftover from breakfast. He LOVES to eat! And will eat a LOT! 

Hope you all have a great week. Kaidi starts her first day of dance tomorrow. She is so excited and that makes me excited for her. 

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