January 13, 2013


For those of you that said a prayer for Atlas on Friday for his surgery, thank you very much. Everything went just fine and he was a normal baby, really by the time we pulled out of the parking lot. He was happy once he got his bottle! The ent was called in to hospital that morning so he ended up being 2 hours behind! Not fun when you have a 7 month old that hasn't had anything to eat since 9:30 the night before!! Thankfully Atlas stayed pretty happy! Saturday morning I rode with my parents, my sister and two if my sisters kids up to see my brother and his family. They just welcomed the newest addition to our family, Evan Reid. He was born Monday and is perfect in every way! I loved getting to see him and hold him. I joked that it was about time someone else had a baby in the family! I was tired of having all the grand babies! ;) we got back late Last night. This morning I went to church with my Mom and Dad at the church Gregg and I attended for a few years when we first married. It still feels like home there to me and I love seeing all the familiar faces and catching up. Tomorrow I have plans to clean out the attic in our house in Opp. Gregg's grandparents wanted to see the babies, so they are gonna have them for the day and I am gonna work! Hopefully I won't feel too overwhelmed by the junk! Here are some pics from the past few days.

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