January 7, 2013

Roll Tide Roll!

As most of you know, I am an Alabama fan. I have houndstooth in my closet and dress my kids in crimson apparel year round. I am so proud to be an Alabama fan, but bigger than that, I am proud to be from Alabama. A state of great football competition. Sure, Auburn had a terrible season this year, but in the past few years, our state has dominated the BCS championship! Even through some of the trials these schools have gone through! I am thankful for the outcome of tonight's game and can't wait until another season rolls around!!


Sara said...

Even though we are Razorback fans through and through we always root for SEC, so we were saying Roll Tide tonight in our house!!!

charity said...

im from a place close to where notre dame is so iv always been for notre dame but i knew they were gonna lose so to make everyone mad i kept saying roll tide lol

April said...

Roll Tide!