January 3, 2013

My Irish Twins

Asher and Atlas are 2 days shy of being 11 months apart. 334 Days! I get the crazy looks and the comments from people. I understand how crazy it is that they are so close in age, it's not like I planned it that way! LOL but God did! In the past 6 1/2 months I can tell you this, Irish Twins are FAR harder than normal twins!! There were struggles with Brayden and Kenadi when they were babies, but they were in the same stage at the same time. With Asher and Atlas, I've got one running all over the place and climbing up the back of the couch and up on the counter and getting in to toilet paper and getting into the pantry pulling out candy kisses and throwing balls all over the house and then you have Atlas constantly needing attention.. it's CHAOTIC!! lol But I am so thankful for their age difference and I know that soon I will appreciate how they will be able to play together and entertain one another.. and I am sure they will both aggravate the mess out of Kaidi.
I think what I struggle with the most right now is going places alone. I had to get them out yesterday and run to wal-mart to get some envelopes and other things.. Atlas has moved out of his carrier now because it was too difficult carrying him around in it (he weighs 22 lbs) so now when we go somewhere, we have to get a high chair or him ride in the buggy.. well that's all fine and good, but Asher is still at the age where he needs to sit in the top part of the buggy with the buckle because I don't want him to fall out (Kenadi fell out of a wal-mart buggy one time) so I ended up taking the double stroller in with me.. thankfully I went somewhere that I could maneuver the buggy around. It will just be easier when Asher can walk more assisted and not pull from me.. Today I just sat here folding laundry and watched how the two of them just sat together and played for about 10-15 minutes.. it was so sweet. Kaidi is staying with Gregg's mom for a few days so its just been me and the boys and it has been nice. I miss my Boo, but things are a lot calmer and quieter with out her here.. lol.. So back to the boys... they have such a sweet relationship already.. Asher loves Atlas so much and Atlas just loves to watch every move Asher makes... I thank God everyday for giving me these two special little boys.


April said...

Sweet boys! Our boys are 9 & 10, 15 months apart. I remember it being SOOO hard when they were little! And you are right, now that they are older...they always have each other!

Anonymous said...

My kiddos are 13 months apart, so I know what you mean! I was hard but you are right now they play together and like the same things. It's great. I'm loving all the updates. Yea for more Ramer Bunch blog posts in 2013!

Prayers from Texas