January 5, 2013

Dinner Party

Today I spent most of my day cooking. Went to Walmart first thing this morning and had a nice little pedicure before spending the rest of the day on my feet! I picked up what I needed for the meal when I got finished and then headed home. I was preparing Chicken Alfredo Lasagna Roll ups and classic lasagna. I started cooking my chicken and browning the hamburger meat. Once I got done with the hb meat, I added the sauce. Asher had been in the tub for about 10 mins or so and had started whining so I knew he was ready to bathe and be done.. I had just put the sauce on the stove and I knew it wouldn't take but a second with Asher so when I got in the bathroom, I realized he had pooped in the tub! Obviously I got side tracked with that and then all of a sudden it dawned on me and I took off for the kitchen. The sauce was scorched.. My kitchen smelled like a burnt tomato!! I poured it over into a bowl and cleaned the pot and poured the good sauce back in the pot and put it on low!! I proceeded to finish up my prep work while trying to bleach bath toys and keep Asher from dragging stuff all over the house. Atlas woke up and I managed to coax Ash in to laying on Kaidis bed and watching wonder Pets and next thing I knew, he was asleep! Atlas stayed pretty content in the high chair while I cooked. I did have to prop his bottle up one time bc i was at a part where I couldn't really stop... I got everything together and my dad and mom showed up and she cleaned up the last of my mess for me while I hopped in the shower and got ready. Everyone showed up and we had a wonderful dinner. Wonderful time with family and friends . Birthdays are such a special day to remember, no matter how old you are. I like to do something special for him and I think he had a pretty good dinner. I know this is gonna be a short post because I am so tired! It's late and we have church in the morning. Here's a few pics from my day:


Mary said...

Oh my chicken alfredo lasagna roll ups sound delicious. Would you mind sharing the recipe?

Niki said...

Y'all are just so cute and you look great! I don't even know you, but have come to love your family! I have those crazy, messy, chaotic moments with cooking and kids too sometimes...glad I am not the only one...ha! I pray for blessings to continue for you and your family :)