January 17, 2013

Crazy Night

Ever had one of those days where you ask yourself, "can this day go any more wrong?!?" That pretty much describes the day I had yesterday! It started out with everything going wrong and falling and getting messy and ended with Benadryl and blood! I've been working on stuff at our house in Opp this week, trying to sort through the "junk" we had in the attic. Most of the boxes up there were baby girl clothes! I have never in my life seen so many baby girl clothes!! Going through them has actually been a little sad for me. Not that I would even imagine having another kid right now but just the fact that I can't have any more was pretty depressing. I think after having Atlas, I was just so thankful to be alive and that he and I were healthy that it truly never sank in with me that I had a hysterectomy! I think the dear Lord knew that I had just how many I needed. How many I could handle! Lol at such young ages! They are a ball of fun, at times, but they can also make things a little difficult! When it's bath and bedtime, some nights, I feel like I'm going insane!! Lol soooo I have totally chased a rabbit.. So back to the blood and Benadryl!! We got to my moms house last night to eat supper and not even a minute after walking in over there, I noticed Asher's eye was really red and he kept rubbing it. I don't know if he got something in it, or what, but it was majorly red, very fast. I ran to Rite Aid and bought some Benadryl and soon after I got him to take it, his eye was all better. After supper, Kaidi and Asher wanted to feed the fish so there up looking at them and Mom was trying to show them the algae eater and the maglite fell off a shelf and hit Kaidi on the back of her head. Blood was coming all down her hair and she cried only from picking her up at fish tank to the kitchen counter then she was all curious what was going on and listening to me and mama as I debated on taking her to ER or calling some friends of ours who could look and tell me if it would heal fine on its own. I put her in the van and called their cell phones trying to get up with them. Once I got up with them and they looked and said it was good, we went and picked up boys and headed home! I coated her wound with Neosporin and put a gauze on it and put her to bed with a beanie cap on!! Lol I sure love my babies! She loved being able to tell the story of what happened the next day. She is so smart and understands stuff so young! Here's some pics from the eventful day and a few others from the week:

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