January 6, 2013

Bye Bye Bottle

Gregg and I just decided out of the blue Friday night that we were gonna break Asher from the bottle. Mostly stemmed from us riding in Gregg's new truck and Gregg not wanting Asher to drink anything in his truck! So he hasn't had a bottle since Friday afternoon! He cries and cries for that bottle, which makes it hard on me, but he is doing pretty well! Better than I expected!! I am proud of the little guy. And proud of myself for not giving in!! Thankfully, Atlas doesn't use the same brand!! Otherwise, we would have lots of trouble with him!! So now Asher is sleeping in a twin bed (Christmas Eve was the first night) sits at the dining table like a big kid and bye bye bottle!! Now if only I could get him to use the potty!! :)
Here's a pic of Ash with his blanket and bottle. Cutie pie!!

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