January 31, 2013

Beach Time

I have had the WONDERFUL enjoyment of being at the beach two weekends in a row!! :) The beach is my absolute most favorite place in the world. I love to escape there and that is exactly what I did the past 2 weekends! The weekend before last, I rode down just for a few hours with my Nook and a blanket! It was a little cool to begin with, but it warmed up as the sun dropped down and it ended up being a beautiful day! Here are a few pictures I took just before I left. 

The next weekend I went down with a group of girls on Thursday night and we had such a wonderful time together. We ate at Carrabas for dinner then went and unloaded all our stuff at the condo then got back out and went to Johnny Rockets for milkshakes. The next day, one of the girls and I got up at 7:15 and hit the beach for a walk/run. We came back and we all went out for breakfast at The Donut Hole in Destin. It was delicious! We came back to condo and tried sitting out on beach, but it was just too windy so we went back to the condo and enjoyed the hot tub, pool and laying out around pool for about 3 hours. I actually took about a 45 min nap while laying out. It was perfect weather. We then went and showered and packed up our things and went to meet the church group at The Backporch in Destin. After dinner, we checked in to our hotel and then met for our first session with Lois McNair. The focus of our retreat was being "Set Apart" she brought a message from Psalms 139, which is one of my absolute favorites, and explained how special we each are in the eyes of God. How many thoughts he has about each of us. It was a great message and her friend Leanne came with her and shared a song that was absolutely a message in itself. The Real Me by Natalie Grant. I felt like that song was sung just for me to hear!! After our session, a few of us ladies met for an hour long cardio dance exercise that one of the ladies led. It was a great time of dancing and fellowship. Actually hooked me on the class so I've been going to the classes she teaches when I've had the chance. Saturday morning started out with a lovely Two Hour wait for breakfast! The restaurant had a cook call in and here was this group of about 25 ladies and we had one waiter for all of us (bless his heart) he did a good job though! We continued our sessions with Lois and had two sessions and a small group session that were all wonderful!! We then all went our separate ways and headed for home. I ended up riding back on the church van and we ate at Cheeseburger in Paradise.. I got the bacon cheddar burger with bacon and it was perfect!! I enjoyed riding back on the church van and getting to talk to some people I haven't really talked to before. I was excited to get to my moms to pick up my babies and they were all so excited to see me!! It was a great weekend refresher for me, physically, spiritually and emotionally! I think we all need those every so often. Here's pics from that trip

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Beverly said...

I hope everything is OK. I miss your posts