October 9, 2012

Back Track

A few things that I wanted to go back and "document" on my blog for future reference. A few weeks back, I went dress shopping with my sister-in-law, Angel, and a group of her friends (bridesmaids) to find the dresses we would wear in her wedding that is coming up in November. I wasn't originally planning on taking my van since Gregg was gonna have the kids but Angel asked if I would please take it since it would fit everyone that was going. I took it and not long after we got in Montgomery and were riding down East Boulevard, there was a wreck in the right hand lane. I remember saying, "wow, look, a wreck" and then the truck in front of me came to a screeching halt! I slammed on my breaks and managed to stop 6" from the truck. I looked in my side mirror and clenched the steering wheel tightly as the car behind me slammed into the rear of my van and in to the truck in front of me. The girls all screamed. Once it happened, I looked back and said is everyone ok? They were all fine. I moved my car to the median and got out and checked on the other two drivers involved. Both were fine and it was very obvious that my van took the brunt of the impact here. Here are a few pics I took of my van with my phone:

Quite a bit of damage! The other two vehicles had none but maybe a little paint flaking! :(
Anyway, after the hour long wait for the police to get there, we headed to get some lunch and then got to David's Bridal only to find out you had to have an appointment and the soonest appointment they had available was about 3 hours from then. We ended up leaving and driving around looking at different stores and had NO luck whatsoever! We called back and made the appointment after all and tried on numerous dresses! Even got to enjoy seeing Angel try on a few wedding dresses! :) I couldn't be more excited for Angel and Jesse and this new chapter in their lives! Here is one of the dresses that we tried on and ended up being Angel's pick! She ended up finding one very similar to this online that she is ordering for us. I was very nervous about wearing a strapless and short dress. Those days seem long over for me. I opted to try on the black one for size just because I figured "They Say" black is more slimming! LOL Hope the silver dresses she orders doesn't make me look like a ginormous bubble! :)
When I tried on this dress, I actually couldn't get the zipper to go all the way up, but decided to stick with the size to help keep myself on track with my weight loss (mental reminder right now! AHHH I should NOT have eaten that oreo cookie at lunch today!) I have managed to lose 34 lbs since 2 weeks before Atlas was born. Not really sure what my weight going in to surgery was because I had been bed ridden for 2 weeks and stepping on a scale was the last thing on my mind going in to surgery! However it was one of the first things on my mind while still recovering at the hospital because I made a nurse lead me to a supply closet where I weighed myself! LOL Anyway! I have been working hard and working hard has paid off, so far! Gotta get back on schedule now though! The cruise threw me off a little bit. I tell ya, losing weight is a lot of work and you have to truly be committed to it if you wanna see results. I had considered trying diet pills because I wanted to see results super fast, but I am glad that I decided to make changes in my diet and pick up some exercise. instead. It's more rewarding to me to know that it truly is hard work, paying off! I have appreciated all the sweet comments people have been given me about my weight loss so far. I have a long way to go to get where I wanna be, but hearing encouragement definitely helps keep me on track. Weight is something so many people struggle with. I have debated several times about sharing my struggles and I may as I become more comfortable with myself. It sometimes seems like such an uphill battle. One good thing to always remember, "I can do ALL things through CHRIST who strengthens me!"  Philippians 4:13!  Have a blessed week!


Mary said...

I just read your post on the cruise. Any luck finding your jewelry? I hope someone turned it in.

Beth said...

I noticed the other day when I saw you in Wal-mart you had lost weight! Congratulations! You look great, and I know you feel good too!

Heather said...

Mere, you are a beautiful lady and you look amazeing!!! I need to lose 30 + pounds myself!!!

Meredith Ramer said...

@ Mary- No luck yet! Did get an email that said as of that day (Tuesday) my jewelry had not been located.