September 16, 2012

Growing Too Fast!

My babies are growing way too fast! Atlas was 3 months old this past Friday and it is SO hard to believe! He is about 15-16 lbs now. Big Boy! Asher is 14 months old today and is still just the sweetest little man! I plan to take him off his bottle over the next month. :( He is very attached to that thing and I am not too excited about this transition! He loves to have it to go to sleep. That's the only time he wants it. He does fine with a sippy cup the rest of the time, but when he gets laid in his crib, he wants that bottle and it HAS to have milk in it. No water, no juice! Milk! Atlas is sleeping a little better than he has been the past few weeks. Right now he is sound asleep, swinging in the swing. I'm afraid to get him out! My Kaidi is a little pistol ball! She is a huge ball of energy that never slows down! Her vocabulary is amazing and the way she understands things is unbelievable! We took her to Shipwreck Island labor day weekend and had the best time. We also let her invite a friend and she invited Caroline so that was fun seeing the two of them interact and play together. Here is an update of pictures from the month of August and September:

We had some family pictures taken of the 5 of us at the beginning of August. Here are a few of the shots from that day:

Ok, WOW that was a lot of pictures to catch up with. I've actually blogged about 5 other posts since my last one, just never finished them so didn't want to post the "half-post". I will see if I can't get a little better about updating my blog! Have a great day!


Jean said...

What a beautiful family you have. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

Sara said...

So great to see all the pictures! Your family is just precious!!

Dawn said...

my daughter was the same way with her bottle. we found using the NUK sippy cups with the soft nipple as well as the NUBY sippy cup with the silicone nipple worked great. she's just 2 now and will use them still but will use her other sippy cups now. good luck with the transition! your family is gorgeous!

Victoria said...

glad to hear you all are doing well and growing smoothly :)

LOVE those family photos!!! man your babies are so precious and beautiful!

Jodi said...

They're all so cute! But that little Asher is about the cutest little boy I've ever seen, oh those blue eyes! :)