July 31, 2012

Part III

I really can't remember much of this part. As I said in the earlier post, I was floating on Cloud 9! Literally! At one point during the surgery, I felt as if we were floating down the hallways of Sacred Heart Hospital while they were doing my surgery. It was quite funny! I remember I felt like the room was spinning and I heard voices through the entire thing (I am sure it was the doctors, I just couldn't make out what they were saying). There were bits and pieces that I did catch, I remember hearing the Internal Radiology guy sending another guy to go get some bigger sheathes for my femoral arteries. Apparently the ones they placed that morning were not large enough and I still had blood flow to my uterus and they needed to block that out completely. The way everything was explained to me is that, I had what they call a "Uterine Window". Here is a brief definition I found online:
A uterine window is often a term which describes a section of the uterus which has become so thin (usually from repeated stretching/pregnancies and especially repeat surgical scars) that you can see through the tissue. Obviously, with a section of your uterus being this thin, the risk of uterine rupture with any subsequent pregnancy would be incredibly high. A rupture is when the uterus tears open and the fetus, placenta, and a lot of blood fall into the mother's abdomen. This is obviously a catastrophic event of pregnancy and has led to both fetal and maternal death. 

So as you can see, that is PRETTY scary! Thank God I woke up with blood that Monday morning and went to the hospital and the next day sent to Sacred Heart Hospital. Had my uterus ruptured, there is no way that we would have made it to the hospital in time and we both would have died, and had I made it to my scheduled c-section on June 29 to our local hospital, Atlas would have most likely made it, but our small hospital would not have been prepared for what they would have found and I would have bled to death. God had his hand upon us and sent us to the best place we could possibly be. All of our doctors were completely aware of all possibilities when they got in there and they had the internal radiology that stopped the blood flow and allowed them to perform a hysterectomy without me bleeding to death. Now I lost a TON of blood. 2 liters or more! Which is almost half of my body's volume of blood. One of my doctors even told me that at one point during the 4 hour surgery, they deflated those sheathes to allow some blood flow to my legs and my pelvis started filling up with blood and they had to immediately blow them back up. Scary to think about.
Back to my "Cloud 9" Dreaming! :) I honestly felt like I was floating through the whole thing and I honestly remember at one point during it having a slight fear come over me, like, "Is this the end?" "Am I dying?" I wouldn't really say fear, but that is truly the only word I know to use, if that makes any sense at all?! I would open my eyes throughout the surgery and all I could see was the blue drape in my face so I would just close them back and fall back in to dream land. I remember at one point asking Dara how Atlas was and how much he weighed and then later asking her if she watched the Big Bang Theory. LOL I have NO idea where that came from! As I woke on up from my surgery, they wheeled me in to recovery and here I felt like a complete pin cushion. I had so many wires and tubes running everywhere! I had a male nurse and he was trying to get some blood work on me to send to lab and my veins kept collapsing. He even tried to draw blood out of my IV and couldn't get it. I think he stuck me about 3-4 times and then went and got another nurse and that one stuck me about 4 times before finally milking it out of my IV. Literally, milking it! My mom and dad came in the room and stayed with me and then Gregg showed up. I don't remember much about how I felt during this time, other than the pain from being stuck so many times for the blood work. I was very thirsty and tired! After staying in the recovery area for about an hour and a half, I was finally rolled to my room where there were WAY too many people waiting around to see me, God love them all, but when you've just had a 4 hour, major surgery, you really just want some peace and quiet and some rest. I had 11 people in my room before Gregg took my parents and his parent to the NICU to see Atlas. So then, there I was in a room with 6 people and all I really wanted to do was turn off the lights and watch TV! (No offense to the 6 people in there, I was just not really in the mood for entertaining guests!) Gregg came back in to the room with our camera and showed me some pictures of Atlas. He had been put on a ventilator so it was a little scary for me to see. Our guests left a few at a time and finally, around 8 or so that night, it was just the two of us. I dozed off and on and Gregg finally got situated and fell asleep as well. I think I will leave it at that for now and pick up again to fill you in on my recovery and Atlas' time in the NICU.


Unknown said...

So glad you guys are all safe and home. Hope you are feeling well. Thanks for the update.

Vonda said...

Awww, was just looking at the gorgeous pictures and I have to say I think the baby looks so much like Kenadi!!!! So sweet!