July 3, 2012

Part II

As I am rolled in to the operating room, there are a million things running through my mind. There was so much that was unknown until they cut me open, that it was a little... scary. It took them quite a while doing the prep work in the OR. There were about 20-25 people in there. It was slightly overwhelming, but I was warned that it was gonna be like a circus in there! They had 4 or 5 different teams in there and they were spaced out around the OR table and I felt like they were all just gawking at me! The Attending called everyone's attention and wanted everyone to go around and introduce themselves by their first name and what their position was in the OR. I laid there as all 20-25 people said their name. The "prep" people then rubbed something on my stomach that had to sit for 2 minutes before they did anything else and it was a VERY awkward moment. 120 seconds of feeling like the entire room was staring at my exposed mid-section! :) I decided to make light of the scary, and awkward, situation I was in and said, "Well since everyone introduced themselves, I feel I should too. My name is Meredith and I am undergoing, hopefully only a c-section, but possibly a hysterectomy too!"  Got that behind me! :) They kept getting things ready and it seemed as if it was taking forever and I felt like they had already started cutting me! I kept looking up at my anesthesiologist and telling her, Make sure they don't forget my husband! I think I asked her 4 or 5 times! I was so ready to see him. Finally he came in, looking like a bunny with his white suit on over his clothes. His first question to me, "You ok?"  I nodded and felt 100% better since he was there beside me. They began the c-section and it seemed to take FOREVER!!! I've had 3 previous c-sections and this was all SO different. The clipping of my skin was so weird feeling, I could tell how high they had reached on my abdomen. I knew they were still below my belly button to begin with. I could hear and smell the skin burning which was really weird. I think I grossed Gregg out when I asked him if he smelled it! lol. He always calls me a bloodhound anyway!  I can remember at one point looking up at Dara (my nurse anesthetist) and asking her if they were about to pull him out because there was so much pressure in my ribcage, she peeked her head over the curtain and said, "ah, no, they are about elbows deep in you right now" I was thinking, "gee thanks for that visual!" I felt a lot of "rearranging" and just tried to breathe and patiently await the scream of my little baby! Within a matter of minutes, I felt the big tug and then one of the doctors saying, "We've got a baby!". He cried to begin with, sounded like a baby pterodactyl! It was a relief to hear. They rushed him over to the nicu team and I could only see his feet at the time. Someone lowered part of the curtain so that I could see his head and Gregg was over there snapping pictures and the little bit I could see was him not crying and them preparing to stick a tube down his throat. I looked up to the guy who moved the curtain and told him to put it back, that I didn't want to see that and just then he screamed out again. Gregg came over to me and showed me some pics on the camera of him. I was so happy to see that he was dark headed, like me! :) Then one of the NICU nurses brought him over to me and I got a sweet kiss and they rushed him back to the table. Around this same time, one of the residents (who delivered Atlas)stuck her head around the curtain and told me Congrats and then told me they were going to have to take my uterus and that she was sorry. The new medicine that Dara had put in my IV had started kicking in. It was a "twilight" medicine that left me awake through the remainder of the surgery, but I was floating on cloud 9!


Unknown said...

sorry to hear about having to have a hystrectomy. So glad that your wee man is safe and that you are safe too. God bless

Jean said...

Awwww you've been through so much Meredith. I'm so glad you and your wonderful new boy are doing well. I kept on checking in every day and was waiting for another post.

God bless you and yours.