June 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Atlas Part I

He's Here! Atlas Keith Ramer arrived Thursday morning at 11:24 weighing 6lbs 8oz and 19.5" long. Here's the story of his Birthday:
(I started this post and realized that it was going to be extremely long so I decided to break it in to parts)

It actually started the night before. I had to get my epidural in place before they did the Sheath Placement the next morning. I've never had an epidural, with my previous 3 cesareans I had a spinal, on the OR table, just before my section, so this was all new to me. I was a little nervous. Nervous about the huge needle, the line being up my back, and me having to sleep on it all night. It didn't go so well. A lot of that had to do with the fact that I had, what they call, a Geo Mat on my bed. (basically another word for a foam mattress topper). She had everything ready to go and when she stuck me I jumped. It startled me for one thing, and I was use to a nurse standing in front of me and kinda holding me still. Once that happened, my nurse came over and grabbed my shoulders and calmed me down a little bit (Gregg had to bail on this part so he was MIA) Anyway, she got it started and it was very uncomfortable for me and she realized, from the mattress, my hips were out of line so they had to shift my bed in the middle of the procedure. She gave me a very small dose just to make sure she was in the right place and it was supposed to wear off within 30 minutes to an hour. About an hour later I needed to get up to use the bathroom. I had a little feeling from my knees down, but wasn't real sure from my knees up. Gregg got in front of me and I got my feet planted and tried to get up and had no feeling and basically just fell right back in the bed. Quite funny at first and in fact, the laughing had me needing to potty even more and that required them getting a wheelchair to wheel me approximately 6' in to a 4x4 bathroom with a stand-up shower, IV machine, wheelchair, 36 week pregnant me, 38 week pregnant nurse and Gregg. It was quite a picture! :) I'm not even sitting straight on the potty because there wasn't any room w/ the wheelchair in there.. still laughing thinking about it. The nurse steps out and Gregg and I managed to get me back in the wheel chair and back into bed. Well I am not very in to being dependent on anyone so it hit me emotionally for just a minute. It bothered me that my legs were still numb and I was just irritated with the line in my back and feeling a little overwhelmed by all that was about to happen. I didn't sleep too great that night and they came at 7:30 to take me to the Internal Radiology area. I sat in a pre-op area there for about 30 minutes or so and then they took me back to do the procedure that saved my life. Once I got back there, they had to start a new IV because the one in my forearm was burning and starting to turn a little red. They found some good veins on the outside of my forearm and one of the nurses got one in the first shot (Praise God). Then they started prepping everything for the procedure. I was pretty nervous. They placed these things in my groin and I was under no anesthesia and they used lidocaine to numb the area which burned pretty badly and then the sheath placement was still pretty uncomfortable. Then they sutured them in place. After they got the first one finished, they did an x-ray to make sure they had it in the right place. That was pretty neat because I could see Atlas' little skeleton inside of me. They finished the second one and then I had to remain straight as a board from then on out. They moved me from the procedure table back in to my bed and I was wheeled to the next place, Pre-Op for the main OR. Once I got in pre-op, they started me on the epidural and put in another IV. The doctor decided to go ahead and give me a unit of blood before surgery because I am anemic and just to give my blood that extra boost. Gregg was able to come back there with me and I couldn't help but imagine what was going through his mind. I was scared so I knew he had to be too. I started crying and he tried to reassure me that everything was going to be fine and I was going to be ok. I had about 5 people beside my bed that were charting things and checking tubes and it felt slightly overwhelming. I knew that I had a, possible, major surgery ahead of me and all the people that kept stopping by added to my anxiety a little. The main doctor that was performing the surgery stopped by and checked on me and then I said goodbye to Gregg and they rolled me to the OR.

 Stopping here for now. This post has been siting for a few days now, and figured I needed to get it posted so I could start on another one. Forgive me for any spelling or grammatical errors. The whole thing may be a run-on sentence.

ok, So I did this post and realized I had no pictures on it and felt really bad because I know you ALL want to see my sweet little miracle baby! Here are a just a few pictures for you to enjoy! :)


Sara said...

Congratulations on your miracle baby!! What a cutie!!!

Sara said...

Congrats! Have been so worried! So thrilled to see Atlas is beautiful and healthy! You look so great mama! Can't wait for part 2!

Nicole VP said...

Really? You look that awesome after major surgery? Congrats on your newest addition!

Jean said...
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April said...

Congratulations!! And you look fabulous!!!!!

Unknown said...

congratulations! I'm so glad you are both ok. I can't wait to hear the rest of the story. I was told I should not have any more children because I was at very high risk of placenta accreta. So I'm really interested to hear how it all went. I'm really trilled that you are ok and that Atlas is ok.