May 3, 2012

30 Weeks

I am 30 weeks pregnant today. I had an ultrasound this morning for them to take quite a few (I swear she took 45) pictures of my placenta just to make sure there were not any issues with it attaching to my uterus. Placenta Accreta is one thing to worry about when you have had numerous c-sections, so my OB set up the ultrasound just to check. Things have been going very good with this pregnancy and I look forward to meeting our new addition June 29, if not before! :) This past weekend, Gregg and I had a "date day" and we went to Montgomery with the intentions of bringing home cribs for the boys. We decided that we were going to put the boys together and wanted them to have matching cribs. The crib Asher has been using, we used with Brayden, and even though we have a match to it in the attic, that was Kenadi's, it had chew marks all across the side of it and we decided that they needed their own beds that would grow with them. We have picked out the crib below for them and the store in Montgomery didn't have a crib, and only had one dresser. We plan to check with the Dothan store and see if they can order it for us. We decided to get 2 cribs and then a dresser and a chest, that way when they get older and have their own room, they will each have a dresser to go with them in their room that matches their bed.
We also ordered us a Master Bedroom Suit and I am SO excited about it. We have been married for almost 6 years, and all we have had in our bedroom is our bed (no headboard) and an old dresser that my granddaddy built in 1979! So we should have our new bedroom in a couple of weeks. We actually came THISCLOSE to getting this exact set right before we moved in to our new house, and backed out of getting it but when we went to the furniture store, we were drawn right back to it.

The kids are doing great! They recovered really well from their surgeries and we've only had 1 case of strep since March! :) Asher did actually test negative this last time I took him so that's a little reassuring that he may not be a carrier after all. He just finished up a few extra weeks of ISR lessons since he was so sick when he took back in Jan/Feb and it was so great to see him floating in his full winter clothes and diaper all by himself. He is such a sweet baby. I hope he stays sweet like he is. Gregg and I are thinking he is our sweetest baby so far. Just has such a sweet demeanor! I went back and looked at Kaidi's "9 Month Old" post that I blogged and couldn't get over the size difference! Kaidi was 18 lbs and wearing 6-9 clothing and Asher is 24.5 lbs and wearing 18 month clothing! LOL  Kaidi is a pretty good big sister (most of the time) she has her sweet moments and then sometimes I think Asher will never survive! :) Nah, she's not that bad. She is SO stinking smart and her vocabulary is truly phenomenal! I cannot get over how well she speaks and how good she is putting her sentences together. She can tell you a full story and won't miss a beat! I have been working on her with some of the letters of the alphabet. She recognizes "W, R, O, Z, K, S and sometimes Q". She can count to 14 and her favorite thing right now is puzzles. I'm not talking about 4 pc puzzles with knobs, I am talking 25pc jigsaw puzzles. I took a video of her on my phone the other day and she put together her 25 pc Dora puzzle in 7 1/2 minutes with VERY limited assistance.

 I just looked back at my last post and realized it had been January since I last posted any pictures, so I will add a few PILE from the last few months so you can see how much they have changed!
Blue Eyed Boy!
Blue Eyed Girl!
In February, My parents and I took the kids to the Annual Cookies With Characters and Kaidi  LOVED
every bit of it. I think seeing Minnie Mouse was the highlight of the day for her.
LOVE how this picture of Asher and Pluto turned out!

In March, we had a baby shower for Gregg's little sister Angel and this was Kaidi enjoying a leftover cupcake
the next day. Her hair is actually french braided herE (for the first time) She is so precious! :)
Looks like I caught them scheming up something together!
They start young at the Ramer House with chores! :)
Actually, Kaidi LOVES to help with laundry. I let her unload it in to the basket from time to time.

My mom and I took the kids to the beach for the day and met my sister and her family , who were
there for the week, The kids had the best time. I think Kaidi could stay out there all day!
This was Asher's first trip to the beach. I was actually wondering if he was gonna be a beach baby too, and he
DEFINITELY is. He LOVED it! He barreled through the sand and had the best time! It was a very pleasant trip.
We went to an Easter Egg hunt at my parent's church and it was fun to see the kids in action. 
Kaidi was helping Asher put some in his bucket! :)
Easter Bunny Goodies! :)
Asher's goodies.
My sweet little babies!
Is that not just precious! :)
Gregg with Kaidi and Asher
Me with Kaidi and Asher
Pretty girl!
Kaidi got a kite from one of her friends at school and we tried really hard to fly it one afternoon with her.
It was quite an adventure! :) 
Asher sat in the yard and played while Gregg and Kaidi tried to get it flying.
Kaidi was not too happy that her kite broke. :(
A few weeks back, we took the kids to the Montgomery Zoo. They have an exhibit there where you can feed the
Giraffes. Kaidi was pretty interested in that, until it wrapped her hand up in it's tongue! :) 
This did her in! LOL
Gregg, Asher and I riding the train. 
This past Sunday the weather was pretty hot (95 degrees) so I got Gregg to blow up a small pool I got from
the dollar store and filled it up and let it sit in the sun while the kids napped. Once Kaidi got up she was ready to go swim!
Asher enjoyed it a lot more than I thought he would considering it was pretty shady by the time he woke up and got in.
He really just enjoyed watching Kaidi. He loves everything she does! 
Big Boy!
On April 10, we welcomed a new member to Gregg's family. John Weston Householder arrived and as bad as Gregg and I both wanted to be there, we missed it :( We both were at the hospital just a few hours before she had him, but he had a meeting in Dothan he had to be at and I had to get back to work. As soon as Gregg came back in to town we headed over to Andalusia and finally that night (around 10 or 11) they brought John to Angel and Gregg was the first one to hold him. He was so proud (as you can tell in the picture below)
John Weston Householder
6lbs 15oz
21" long
One proud Uncle Gregg! :)

Ok, so now that I feel like I have caught you all up on pictures of what has been going on the past few months, here are a few more from Heather Newman's Photography that we had taken the end of March.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend. Gregg is going on a trip with his Dad to the races in Talladega so I am not sure what me and the kids will get in to! :) Probably Laundry! :) (there's ALWAYS laundry to do at our house) 

Maybe I will do another post before Atlas arrives! :) We'll see! ;)


Unknown said...

LOVE the newman pictures!! The ducky and Asher are SO adorable!! And look at Kaidi with the bunny!!

My heart is filled with joy when I read your new posts Mer. I missed reading your posts. Please write more often :)

God Bless you and your beautiful family (All of them)

Much love,


Heather said...

It's wonderful to "see" you all again. I've been checking in faithfully :) The kids have grown. Asher is not a baby anymore!

Toyia Colquett said...

Gosh I miss you!!! :(