January 8, 2012

Hello 2012

Hello 2012! I know it has been FOREVER since I blogged last and I am sorry to those of you who actually read my blog to keep up with my life and my kids. Kaidi turned 2 on December 1 and when I took her to the pediatrician for her 2 year well baby check one of his questions was, "is she stringing 2 words together?" and I seriously laughed out loud! Over the Christmas holiday, Kaidi was singing all the words to "Jingle Bells" "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas". She truly amazes me every single day. There is definitely not a dull moment with her around. She is the "life of the party" wherever we go. Asher is a sweet little butter bean! He is SUCH a chunk! He truly is a sweet little baby!! He doesn't sleep too well at night, but the past few nights have been a little better. Either they have been better or I am just getting use to only getting 2-3 hours of sleep at a time. :) He is almost 6 months old and at his last doctor visit, about 2 weeks ago, he weighed 22 lbs! Kaidi weighs 28 lbs! lol.. Told ya he was a chunk! Anyway. We had a great Christmas and Kaidi was very excited about Santa Claus coming to her house. He brought her a Jeep and a Barbie and a few other things.. It was so much fun with her this year. I can only imagine the years getting better! This is all I am gonna blog about tonight... It's 11:30 and I got to get to bed! Promise to blog again sooner!! :)


chapinamom said...

Yeaaa! You're back!!!

Jean said...

Glad you back. I know you are one busy lady. Hope you can post picture's soon for us to see.

Unknown said...

SO happy to hear from you!!! Think of you all the time :)

Glad you guys had a good Christmas. Can't wait to see pics of Kaidi and Mr. Chunk ;)

Much love and God Bless,


Jodi said...

Glad all is well with the Ramers :)
I'm so glad you all had a good Christmas <3

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!!!!

:) :) :)

Heather said...

It's wonderful to hear from you again!! So great to hear the Kaidi and Asher are doing so well.
Looking forward to more stories of your busy 2012. I agree with the other posters!! We need pictures of Kaidi and Chunky :)

Ellen said...

Happy that you and your family are doing well!

Jean said...

I had thought you stopped your blog!


Perhaps you were just too busy & happy to blog, which is even better!


Unknown said...

nice to see you back. Hope you are getting some more sleep:) I must start blogging again too.

Teach said...

Glad you're back! Happy New Year!