September 14, 2011

In The Middle of September

I wanted to share some pictures from September. Labor Day weekend, we made a spur of the moment plan to go to Callaway Gardens in Georgia. They have an annual Hot Air Balloon Festival and we thought Kaidi would LOVE to see the balloons. We decided this on Wednesday afternoon, I booked the Hotel Thursday and then left Friday! Talk about spontaneous! :) We had a very enjoyable time though. Even though the balloons didn't fly because it was too windy, it was still a beautiful place to spend the weekend. I am already planning to go back at Christmas for their lights. Callaway Gardens is a place I can see the Ramer's making many trips to in the future. It is a wonderful family place. It had bike trails, a man-made beach, playgrounds, mini-golf, laser-tag, blaster boats, a butterfly garden and a wonderful, sweet lady who painted arms/faces on sweet children and some of their Mommies! ;) Here are some pictures from Callaway. Wish I would have taken more, I have just started enjoying the moments with my family instead of trying to capture them all the time..

When we pulled up, they had one in the air letting people ride in it. 10 minutes after we got there they had to stop the rides because of the wind. This particular balloon was HUGE! It held 6 people in it!
A little closer to the big balloon! Kaidi really like seeing this!
She was running around after we ate lunch. She was so funny because I told her she could go play on the playground, but she just found it entertaining to get about 10-15 ft away from us and then come running back!
Asher took a nice little nap while we waited in line to get painted up! :)
Mrs. Bobbie did a WONDERFUL job! She was SO sweet and Kaidi sat so still. I couldn't believe it! We managed to get a butterfly on one arm and a bunny rabbit on the other.
Then I had to feel like a kid and get my arm painted as well. Kaidi liked it! :)
This was in the Butterfly garden! Kaidi and Asher both slept through this entire trip! :( I hated she missed it, but was SO letting her sleep! It had been a long morning/afternoon and I was NOT about to wake her up! We ended up buying her a butterfly necklace and a butterfly for her to hang in her room since she missed it!
I thought it was funny how she was laying in the stroller.
We came back to the hotel room for about 45 mins just to relax and have a snack and take a little break.
Gregg and Kaidi were waiting for the Balloon Show to start, unfortunately they were unable to get the balloons off the ground because of the weather.
While I was getting ready Sunday morning I heard Kaidi in the bed talking to Asher, I peeked around the corner and she was being so sweet! I had to take a picture without the flash so she wouldn't stop! That's why the color is funny!
We got home around 1:30 Sunday afternoon and didn't do anything at all on Monday (Labor Day) it rained all day because of the storm that had hit the gulf. It was pretty relaxing just hanging out at home! I decided to take a few pics of Asher in Kaidi's room. Thought it was cute with him sitting w/ her stuffed animals and I am sure in just a few months he will be bigger than that Elephant! :)

He is so handsome! :)
Kaidi had to join him on the couch! She loves wearing MardiGra Beads! LOL She has a whole bucket of them and goes home everyday and grabs all 10 of them and puts them on! It's funny!
My lil "Cutie-pa-Tootie"
Kaidi got him to smile and I happened to catch it on camera! :)
Of course I had to add a few pictures of the twins on the same couch! We've had that thing quite a while now! :)
I miss those 2 so much. I actually got Kenadi's "Boo Bear" (pictured in the background) out the other night and just hugged it tight. I miss those big brown eyes of hers. And she had the cutest little laugh. Brayden is seen everyday in Kaidi. It's unbelievable how much she looks like him. She should have been his twin!! :) She reminds me so much of him in how smart she is. I have some videos of Brayden talking that I am going to try to upload one day. They were taken a few weeks before the accident. We were talking about the baby in my belly.. he called it "my baby"  I cherish that little video clip and can't wait until Kaidi gets old enough to understand so that I can show it to her and let her know how much her Big brother and sister love her and how excited he was in that video. I have had some emotional days lately and I wish I could grasp my feelings.. but they are just feelings of loss. plain and simple.. it never goes away.. maybe it gets.. comfortable some days, but never leaves. Some times I can watch things and not even be phased by them and then the other day my brother uploaded a video of my neice, Addison, riding a bike for the first time and as much as I loved watching Addison go and giggle the whole time, my heart broke and longed for Brayden and Kenadi. In a little more than a month I will have had as many days without them after their death than I had with them after their birth. That's is so incredibly hard to grasp.. that they have been gone that long as I held them in my arms will soon be shorter than the days my arms have been yearning for them. How do you truly grasp that? Anyway, this is far more than I entended to write, but sometimes my emotions take control over my fingers and I can't stop. Hope you all have a wonderful week.  


Amber said...

Losing a child is something most people have never experienced. Losing two children at the same time is even more incomprehensible. While some can give you words of comfort or advise, look to the One who truly knows your needs and can comfort you like no other. I pray that in the months and years to come that you can find peace, joy, and happiness through Jesus.
I love reading your blog and hearing your heart through it.

Jodi said...

Wow, Asher is getting big! And oh so handsome <3

Kaidi is just the prettiest little thing ever....sooo sweet.

And you got to get your arms painted by Paula Deen!!!! Could you GET any luckier?? lol...( DID look like her)

On a serious note, I'm so sorry for the hurt you carry...I know it will only stop when you have ALL your babies in your arms again...I pray that day comes quickly!

I'm thinking of you all <3

Jean said...

Oh Merideth........I check into your blog often....I can't imagine the loss you feel. I have no words..........because no matter what I say.....certainly can't even begin to console the pain in your heart. My life hasn't been easy, but my pain is different from yours.....but one comfort I do hold to.......truly God knows each mans pain and each man's sorrow. People can try, but truly ONLY God knows.

On that day when your soul leaves this earth your feet will touch down in heaven and I have absolutely no doubt that your precious babies will be waiting there for you. The word of God tells us in Revelation 21: 3-4 "And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, "Now the dwelling of God is with men, and God Himself will be with them and be their God. He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away."

Once God creates a soul it lives for eternity. You will see your precious children again, of this I am sure.......can you imagine that day Meredith? It's going to happen.