August 15, 2011

My Baby Girl is Growing Up!

So hard to believe that Kaidi started daycare today and is in the 2 year old room! Where has the time gone? It seems like she has grown a mile since Ashers arrival! She is talking so much (too much at times!) She is very sassy and actually pretty funny at times. The other night I told her she had to clean up her blocks and she looked at me, put her hand across her forehead and said, "I tired" I just laughed. She is such a mess! Sunday was a CRAZY day for us. It started out crazy! While getting up and moving Sunday morning, Gregg found Kaidi with a pen and a piece of paper and had scribbled all over it.. about 15 minutes later we realized she had also decorated each one of the couch cushions and the cushion on the chair.. Along with a few other pretty drawings on the arms of the couch and chair. Luckily the loveseat was left untouched, or so I thought. We made it to Sunday school and I ended up taking Asher to the nursery. Towards the end of the worship service, Gregg got a fire call and he and Jay took off out of the balcony. Well, Gregg forgot to give me the car keys so I was left stranded at church. Our sunday school class were all going out to eat for lunch at the Country Club, and we managed to hitch a ride with some friends. Kaidi had to ride in a car with someone different because she needed a carseat. Gregg got to the country club right as we were all finishing up. Big Thank YOU to those who lended a helping hand to me and my kids while I was without a way of going and without my significant other to help with lunch time! Got home and Gregg went to do some woodworking with a friend of his and we had some company come over and brought some delicious cookies. Kaidi made a HUGE mess eating them, but loved them VERY much! My mom came over that afternoon and rocked Asher while I scrubbed cushions. She happened to be watching Martha Stewart the night before and something was said about hairspray taking out pen marks... well after scrubbing the first 2 cushions with Oxiclean and not having much luck, I gave Aussie a try and it worked pretty good! It's still visible, but it looks MUCH better than it did. This morning was pretty rushed, I went ahead and laid out Kaidi's outfit and sheets and stuff that she would need so that would be one less thing that I would have to do this morning. She ended up coming in our room around 5:45 this morning.. then Asher woke up around 6 so I went and got him and we were all snuggling in the bed, I don't know if Gregg would call it snuggling though, since Kaidi kicked him upside the head on accident! :) Anyway.. we got up and got ready and Kaidi seemed excited about going to school. When we got there it was a different story.. she was pulling away from the room that I was trying to take her in and I ended up taking her to the baby room and we left her crying, but by the time I got to work, I got a text from Toyia and she told me that Kaidi was happy as could be and was talking to everyone, so that made me feel much better.. When we picked her up this evening they told me she had 2 mini melt-downs.. one when they were closing the closet, because she wanted her bag and a ball and the other one at nap time. I was very surprised when they told me that she napped almost the entire 2 hours! Relieved, but surprised! :) I did realize that I forgot to take her "silky"  so maybe tomorrow's nap time will go a little smoother! We went and ate dinner at Gregg's grandparents tonight and stayed out there until about 7:30. Kaidi definitely runs the show down there! Got home, gave the kids a bath and now everyone is in bed. I am heading that way as soon as I add these few pictures.. Have a great week!
Yummy Blue Sugar Cookie!

Kaidi's artwork

Kaidi's First Day of Daycare! :)


Unknown said...

She's such a cutie!! My Ruby Kate turned two on Sunday and is quite sassy herself! I'll say a prayer for us both! HA! What fun they are!

Kayla said...

She's adorable...we had similar artwork on our couch - thankfully, it came out with a little elbow grease!

Jodi said...

she looks SO SWEET on her first day of daycare! What a little darling <3

I've seen the very same thing on my couch before too....wasn't happy at all with that. They also cut a hole in it with the scissors. REALLY wasn't happy about that.

Magic erase sponges work wonders on the walls and tables and things like that.

Jean said...

Oh my that picture of Kaidi is adorable!