August 28, 2011


I promise I have not fallen off the face of the Earth! :) The past week has been.... CrAzY!!!! Last Sunday I took Gregg to the airport and he left for a week to North Caroline for training. That's when the week began!! HAHA.. I just knew I was gonna have a somewhat mild week. Boy was I wrong! Kaidi was whiny the first couple of days.. back track a little.. She started daycare last week and on Thurs. they called me to tell me she had a fever.. Strep had been going around so I just wanted to take her to get a strep test and was convinced that was it since she gets it pretty easily. It was negative, so I decided that it was the so often occurring upper respiratory infection that she gets. Love Dr. Meredith's diagnosis? :) Well, she had a cold all weekend and wasn't running any fever so I just assumed it was her allergies acting up.. anyway.. Monday and Tuesday Gregg's sister, Angel stayed with me and Kaidi was so whiny/clingy. I assumed it was bc she didn't feel 100% yet, but Wednesday when it was just me and her, she was perfect. I guess she was thinking the whole time that I was gonna leave her with Angel.. separating anxiety? anyway..  Tuesday night was a VERY rough night (through the night) with Asher. He didn't sleep hardly at all.. I was pretty much up all night.. I think the only sleep I got was from 2-3:30. He was fussier than he had ever been. At work Wednesday, it was pretty much the same thing.. extremely fussy, starting losing his appetite a lil that evening. After picking Kaidi up from Daycare and getting home, we checked out Netflix and noticed they had Tangled on there now, so we started watching it. (Asher was asleep in his carseat) We got almost all the way through the movie and Asher woke up.. I got him up and went to change his diaper and decided to check his temp while I was changing him. 100.1. I know that isn't real high, but from what i read online it said to call your pediatrician if it gets 100.4 in babies under 2 months of age. I know it wasn't quite there, but it was also 7 and I didn't want to be calling my ped at 11 or 2 in the morning or something.. He told me to go to the hospital and get them to do some blood work and come see him in the morning. I loaded up Kaidi and Asher and we went to Mizell. Kaidi was so perfect! Love that little girl! The did the heel prick and then I put a wee-bag on Asher and gave him a bottle while we waited for some urine.. Kaidi just sat beside me and read her barney book and ate a cookie! :) Once we got all that done, the lab chick told me everything was normal.. Wed night (through the night) was just as bad as Tues. night. I felt like a zombie Thurs. morning.. I had my 6 week check up first thing in the morning so we went over to see Dr. Bowen and then came back to Opp and went to Dr. Bangs. We got in the patient room and Dr. Bang went over all the results with me.. Everything Normal.. hmmm.. what could it be? is he going to be a colicky baby? is my sleep-deprived self just hoping there's an explanation for the lack of sleep because my first 3 children were sleeping pretty much through the night by this time?? Dr. Bang looked in his ears, mouth, checked his body over. Everything looked.. you guessed, Normal! They decided to do a strep test... 5 mins later they come back in there and tell me it was positive.. i was in shock! Just couldn't imagine my 5 1/2 week old having strep. I went and got Kaidi from daycare and took her up there to get tested as well.. positive for strep as well. I stayed out with them the rest of the day and gave them each a lil tlc.. Kaidi seemed like it wasn't really bothering here.. probably had it for a week by now and just had a false test last week when I took her. Friday, Asher seemed a little better. Still didn't sleep too well. I took Kaidi to S&E's to spend the day with them instead of infecting the daycare anymore than we probably already had! Asher slept for 3 1/2 hours Fri. morning at work. It was nice! I was able to go through the 111 radios that needed dividing out by serial number to 5 different departments. When I got off work Fri., I picked Kaidi up and took her to swimming lessons. She is taking maintenance lessons of ISR which is just once a week for 5 weeks. After that, we came home and I cleaned the house a little, did a little laundry and got our stuff ready to go pick Gregg up. I left the house at 8:45 heading to Dothan to pick him up. I was so ready to see him. I had had a rough week with the kids and I know he thinks I was only ready for him to be home so that he could help me with the kids, but that isn't it. I was ready for him to be home because I Had had a rough week and just having him home made me feel so much better. Just a sense of comfort. We didn't get home and to bed until 2 Sat. morning and then Kaidi was up bright and early Saturday morning. As was Asher! We didn't do ANYTHING yesterday.. Just sat around the house and relaxed. Went and ate lunch at the IGA deli. Late yesterday afternoon, Gregg got out and cut the grass and me and Asher sat in a chair outside and watched Kaidi play in the dirt until dark and then I had to drag her in and bribe her with a bath to get her to come inside! We got her to bed and were chilling on the couch and about 10 Gregg's fire pager went off. He ended up having 3 calls back to back while he was out and ended up getting home around 12:30 or 1 to find me and Asher asleep on the couch.. Asher woke up and we fed him a bottle and went and put him in his bed and then went to bed ourselves.. Another rough night... Asher has had diarrhea since he started taking amoxicillin on Thursday. I was keeping a check on it.. We have also swapped diapers over the past 2 weeks to see if it would help w/ serious diaper blisters that he had. They had went away but I wasn't completely sure it was bc of Pampers.. So I put a pampers diaper on him and told Gregg that it was the first one in 2 weeks.. well after 3 pampers diapers, he was blistered again. .so he is allergic to pampers.. when I changed his diaper at lunch, he had blood in his diarrhea so I called Dr. Bang and he said to stop taking the amoxicillin.. He also hasn't taken a bottle today.. he won't take a bottle.. he only wants to nurse.. which is good in a way, but also not so good because he starts daycare tomorrow!! lol... anyway... wow I feel like I have been going on about Asher.. I feel bad for the little guy.. he's sick, his throat hurts, his hiney hurts, his tummy hurts, there's no telling what other side effects he is experiencing from the meds, like dizziness or headache. He and Kaidi are both taking a good nap right now. I have disciple training at 5 today and it's just the 2nd week, but with the way he has been today, there is noway I would leave him with  anyone in the nursery or even at home with Gregg since he won't take a bottle. Please say a prayer for my sweet little baby. I'm gonna end here so I can go and get some laundry done while he is asleep! Have a great week!

* I just read over this post and understand there are a lot of errors, so Mrs. Lucas, if you're reading this, I am sorry!! haha! :)

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