August 17, 2011

Asher: 1 Month

Asher is already a month old! WOW! He is absolutely precious and looks very much like Kaidi did when she was a baby, just more hair! I took a few pictures of him last night for his "1 month" picture. He is growing so fast.. Just last week he was in newborn and he hit a big growth spurt and now he is already filling out 0-3 months!! I weighed him this morning and he was 11 lbs! I moved him up to size 1 diapers on Sunday and that seems to really be working much better! He was filling the NB's up too quick!! :) We are still trying to get use to Asher and figure him out. He is VERY much a mama's boy. I am still nursing him, but he is also getting a bottle during the day and he gets formula as well. We started putting cereal in his bottles last night too because he doesn't seem to be satisfied after drinking a 4oz bottle! Little Porky!! Anyway. He is keeping me completely sleep deprived but I know that "it won't be like this for long" Kaidi has started waking up in the night when she hears him crying, but usually goes back to bed pretty easily. Here are a few pictures from last night:


Jodi said...

awe...he's SOOO cute!!!!!

I sure miss having a baby around.

Enjoy your little blessing(s) :)

Jean said...

Wow, I can't believe it's a month already either!

He's beautiful!

Ellen said...

He looks just like Kaidi precious!