July 30, 2011

Blood Drive Results

Just wanted to let everyone know how the blood drive went. We had a very good turn out in Opp. We had 82 show up to donate and of those 82, we were able to collect 67 productive units. I was very pleased with the turn out we had in Opp. In Ardmore, they had 44 show up and 39 productive units and we had 25 units from the Superior Bank drives that were in Andalusia and Monroeville. So a total of 131 productive units is AWESOME! We had 117 last year so we definitely stepped it up this year! I hope it continues to grow every year! I was also able to sell 15 shirts while at the blood drive. Wish I would have bought more extras because I could have sold a lot more! Thanks to ALL the volunteers and people who came to donate. It really means a lot to Gregg and I to live in such a close-knit community where people don't hesitate to reach out! We love everyone! :)

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