June 25, 2011

June Pics

So I was looking back at my blog and realized I had not posted ANY pictures for the month of June! WOW! So I am dedicating this post to a picture update! :) Hope you enjoy!
My Mom, Sister and I took the girls to the beach for the day on June 11.
Kaidi Enjoyed the beach! She LOVES sand!
We left the beach because we thought it was about to storm and headed to a splash park that is in the middle of a shopping center in Destin. She absolutely had a BLAST!! I told Gregg that I definitely wanted to take her back down there!
I loved this picture. Captured just the right moment!
This one is cool too!
She looks so much like her Daddy/big brother to me in this picture!
Some of my sewing work for Asher! :) That Little A is my first applique! :)
Kaidi in her Cowboy boots! She was so cute about them. They are still about 2 sizes too big, but we managed!
Loving her pigtails!
I am actually laughing at this picture because I can tell that I have retained fluid by looking at my eyes.
They are pretty "puffy" from pregnancy!  
This was from Father's Day over at my grandparents house. The entire family was there,
and we wanted to get a picture of my Dad and Mom's grandkids since Addison was in town.
Kaidi LOVES Jell-O

Here is a video of Kaidi from her ISR Lessons. This is the 4th week of lessons. She swims like such a little fish now. When we go swimming she is constantly wanting to GO GO GO in the water. I am so proud of how well she is doing!
At her Swimming Lessons!


Beverly said...

I Can't believe how well she swims. She's amazing!

Meg said...

Kaidi is looking great swimming--I love it! Way to go getting her into it.

I too love her pigtails!

Jodi said...

LOVE the pics!!! Kaidi is growing sooo much, especially in the one with the piggy tails...she looks so big!

Glad things are going well....can't wait to see Asher ;)