June 21, 2011

June 21, 2011

So, How is everything going with everyone?? :) Things are going pretty good at the Ramer House! I feel like we are "go, go go" every morning out the door. Kaidi has one more week of swimming lessons and I was SOOO proud of her this morning. She swam and did the roll to float right by herself and floated a pretty good bit on her own too! ISR is truly amazing. It has had such a good response in Opp that they are most likely going to do another session at the wellness center later on this summer. I am so glad!
Now that Gregg and I have got the non-profit started, we are super excited with the things we have in store for our community! One of our top priorities is the ISR program. It is an expensive program and we hope to raise money to help provide assistance to families who are unable to afford the lessons so that we can feel like we are doing all that we can to ensure that not one more child drowns and not one more parent experiences what Gregg and I experienced and still deal with on a daily basis with the loss of Brayden and Kenadi. There is no greater hurt for a parent than to lose your child. We have a big event planned for the fall and I am excited to get the ball rolling and let everyone know what we are up to! We plan on meeting w/ our fundraising committee this week and scheduling the date and location and what all activities it will include! I wanted to add a picture of the shirts on here and let you know that anyone is more than welcome to buy a shirt regardless if they are able to donate blood or not. All profits from our t-shirt sales goes directly to B&K Remembered to start paving the way for our non-profit to start giving back to our community in memory of Brayden and Kenadi. I have also created a donation account through paypal if you would just like to donate (top right corner of blog). Gregg and I cannot say thank you enough to those who have already purchased/ordered a t-shirt and made donations. Here are the shirts
This is the back of the t-shirt.

Close-up of Front Pocket area of T-Shirt
You can order the shirt by going to the top right corner of the blog! Having trouble getting it to post here on the actual post.

If you need the shirt to be mailed to you, please notate that under special message.  We are excited about the blood drive coming up on the 29th of July. There will be a blood drive in Opp at LBWCC-Conference Center from 11-6 and there will also be a blood drive set-up at the Superior Bank in Andalusia from 9-2. If you would like to make an appointment to either of these blood drives, Click on the links below.
For the Opp Blood Drive, click HERE
For the Andalusia Blood Drive, click HERE

Thanks again to all who purchase a shirt, make a donation or give blood in memory of Brayden and Kenadi.


Shannon Wallace said...

I just wanted to say as a parent that lost a sweet child as well to drowning, that I am so pleased and proud of you all setting up this non-profit! I'd be pleased to support you all and buy one or two t-shirts! God bless you all beyond measure!!

In Christ,

In Memory of Ethan Joshua
November 29, 2002-June 5, 2010

Meredith Ramer said...

I am so sorry that we share a similar loss and I know that you appreciate what the mission is for our non-profit. Thank you for your support.

Kayla said...

I tried getting Reese into ISR when she was younger, but it wasn't offered in our area. Kudos to you to getting your foundation started - looking forward to seeing all the good it brings!!!

Unknown said...

The tshirts are beautiful and got me all teary eyed....

I love the little stick girl and boy...

God Bless Mer....God bless...


Mommyof2Miracles said...

I have followed your blog for years and I just want to let you know that your story has changed my life. I'm so cautious around water with my kids. Between my in-laws pool and my parents living on a lake, we have taken every precaution possible to prevent tragedy. I think it's so wonderful what you are doing in B & K's memory.

Heather said...

I got a shirt just to help you guys out a little w/ B&K memory living on. I don't do the blood giving thing but I did want to help out a little. I fell out when I had to do the pre-op for my hysterectmy. My veins are not easy to hit and I used to be anemic (low iron). I wish you well and if you need any help w/ anything just let me know.

Kelly said...

That is awesome that you are starting up this non-profit for ISR! Your story has changed my life and made me want my kids to know how to swim. We really want to get our little girl in the lessons, but just cannot afford it right now. I really had no idea they were so expensive, but we are saving up and hoping to do it soon!

Beth said...


Hey! I (Beth Whitehurst) ordered a shirt but did not give my shipping address. I live in Andalusia. Just wondered what how I needed to go about getting it.