June 2, 2011

Crazy Crazy Morning!

I have not had this crazy of a morning in a long time! I have been battling a sinus infection since Tuesday morning. I have had a rough couple of nights sleeping and that, added on to the stage of my pregnancy in which NO position is comfortable to sleep in so I toss and turn all night long does not make for a well rested mama in the mornings... This morning it left me running extremely late. Kaidi's ISR lessons are at 8 and I sat up in bed at 7:53 and hollered for Gregg to get up that we had to get moving. Luckily, I had just hung a bunch of dress clothes up in the laundry room last night so picking out clothes for me to wear was super easy, I threw my hair up in a clip and the part that you squeeze to open the clip broke, but it still held my hair up so I just left it. This clip is BEYOND needing throwing away. Out of the 20 teeth that it has, 50% or more are missing from both sides but I just haven't thought about it while at the store to buy another one! :) Anyway.. I run to Kaidi's room and she sits up and smiles, I grab her up, change her diaper and grab an outfit out of her closet and a towel from her bathroom and we head out the door. I get to her swim lessons 10 mins late but luckily the kid who is after Kaidi was already in the pool and we just swapped lesson times for the day. When I went to lay the towels out, you lay one on the pool side for her to lay on and the other is to cover her with. Well the towel I grabbed out of her bathroom happened to be a hand towel and not a bath towel so it basically was as big as she is! lol. I get her up off the pool deck and over to the bench to pull her swim diaper off and she had quite the surprise inside for me! Poo flew all over the towel, all down her legs, all over my dress pants... it was just added fun to the day! :) I got her cleaned up and picked all the poo up and put it in a diaper and wiped my pants and put her clothes on and headed out the door.. I ran her down to S&E's and ran home and grabbed some new pants and got to work at 10 after 9. I sure hope today settles down some!  Recap over the past week:
Last Thursday night we had Gregg's little sister's graduation ceremony. It didn't start until 8 so we had a VERY late night. Kaidi did wonderful at the ceremony. I took a bag full of crayons and books and snacks and she made it through the entire ceremony without a melt down! :) We left there and headed to Andalusia to eat. We didn't get in to Andalusia until 10 and not many places were open. We mananged to get a table at Beef O' Bradys and we had an enjoyable meal there. Kaidi was super tired and I felt so bad for her. We got home around 11:45 and she finally went to sleep, no problems at all! Friday after work, Kaidi and I went to the grocery store and got groceries to last a couple of weeks and we also picked up a movie ( I don't remember which movie we have watched so many over the past week) Saturday morning we had a birthday party so Kaidi and I went to the party and had a wonderful time. It was a Pinkalicious party and everything was so cute. I hate I didn't take my camera with me. When I got home, we loaded up in Gregg's truck and rode over to our old house and got a changing table that was over there. My plans were to paint the changing table and a dresser this past weekend while Gregg worked on the crib. We didn't do ANY of that!! :) We swung by some friends of ours house when we left there and ended up staying there until 3:30. We had a wonderful time hanging out and letting our kids play and Gregg was able to help Walt get some things done outside. They came over to our house that evening and brought Burger King so after we ate we went down to our neighbors house and swam until around 9:15. The water was so nice! Sunday morning we got up and went to church and after church we ate at my grandparents then went to Gregg's grandmother's house because his family was planning on playing volleyball that afternoon... Kaidi and I stayed inside while they burned up outside playing! She took a good little nap and then when Gregg came in and we left, Gregg was so looking forward to going swimming because he was so hot so we put on our swimsuits and went for a quick swim. Kaidi loves to just sit on the steps and splash. I didn't want to get her out in to the water too much anyway since she is doing the ISR lessons. Didn't want her to get confused on what she was learning. Sunday evening we watched another movie and then went on to bed. We went to my aunt's place at Gantt on Monday and the Burgess' came up and joined us. We grilled burgers and let the kids play in the water. They took a little boat ride while Kaidi and I stayed back at the cabin because she was napping and Gregg attempted to wakeboard.. He said it wore him out! I hate I didn't get to see his attempts! :) We got home around 5 that evening and I started vacuuming my car out while Gregg started on cutting the grass.. He got called to a brush fire shortly after he got started so I decided to go ahead and wash it and get it back in the garage before he got back.. I started on my car and Kaidi washed her little play car.. He got back just as I was drying it off and I was able to get it in to the garage before it got too dusty! I sat out and let Kaidi play in the remaining suds while Gregg finished up the yards.. After he finished, we went in and I heated up Kaidi a leftover grilled hotdog and gave her some pasta salad and cheese crumbles and she ate her entire plate up. I was so surprised! I put a pizza in the oven for us to eat and just as the timer went off, Gregg got called out again to a wreck. I left the pizza out to cool and went and bathed Kaidi and put her down to sleep while Gregg was gone. I ate a couple of pieces and then he came in shortly after and ate. Back to work on Tuesday! Nothing very special has gone on the past 2 days. I did work on Asher's bedding again last night and I am almost finished and will upload pictures when I am done!! I was quite proud of the crib sheet. The fact that it actually fit the crib matress! :) Now I just gotta finish up that bumper! :) We don't really have any plans for the weekend. Tomorrow night we are going out to eat for my dad's birthday and then this weekend there's not much of anything going on! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

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Missing your posts. Hope you're well.
Thinking of you.