June 14, 2011


Quick recap on everything that is going on:
1- Asher will be here in 5 WEEKS!! (unless he decides to come earlier) WOW! I cannot believe that!
2- We have officially started on our Non-Profit for Brayden and Kenadi. It is B&K Remembered. I have created a facebook page and am completely overwhelmed by the amount of "likes" we have received in one day!
3- We have our annual blood drive coming up July 29 and here is the link you can go to make an appointment for the blood drive. It will be from 11-6 that Friday at the LBWCC-MacArthur Conference Center. My brother's church will also be having a blood drive in Ardmore, AL so if you are in the Huntsville area and would like to donate in memory of Brayden and Kenadi, please send me an email here.
4- Kaidi is halfway through her ISR lessons and is doing WONDERFUL! She was all smiles today and has become quite the little fish! She will hardly stay still in the water now and just bounces back and forth between the instructor and trainee! There has been such a huge turnout for the ISR lessons and there is now a waiting list for a second session of lessons that will most likely be taught towards the end of the summer at a more convenient, afternoon time.
5- I have created a t-shirt for the blood drive and if you would be interested in ordering a t-shirt you can check it out on the B&K Remembered FB page and on the wall, you will see a link to order a t-shirt.
6-I am also working on a design right now for a t-shirt for B&K Remembered so if you were unable to donate, you can purchase it. It will also have smaller sizes if you would like one for your children as well.

Gregg and I are very excited on some of the things we have going on right now. I feel slightly overwhelmed, but know that God is working through this and cannot wait to see the wonderful things B&K Remembered is going to do for our community. We cannot say thank you enough to the constant love and support we have received from everyone!

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Unknown said...

I can't wait to see who Asher looks like!!

Thinking of you!