May 25, 2011

Catching Up

I have become a weekly blogger! What has happened to me!!?? :) This blog is mostly just gonna be pictures, but I wanted to recap a little about our past week. Gregg was in Oklahoma from Friday (13th) until this past Thursday. He arrived home around 12:45 Friday morning and it was so good for him to be home. Things were pretty lonely at the Ramer house hold while he was away. He had a wonderful trip and had so much to tell me.. I think we went to bed around 2:30 Friday morning. It was pretty rough waking up and heading to work the next day! Saturday we had a busy day. I had a baby shower that afternoon and we had a wedding that night. Sunday morning, we went to Sunday School and then left to go get breakfast (i was one hungry mama) and then we went over to Gregg's Dad and Mom's house and went fishing Sunday afternoon. That was a good little trip. Monday morning Kaidi's ISR lessons started at 8 AM. She did really well her first day. She cried (tearless) the entire time, but she did really well. She is learning new skills this time so it is a new adventure for me as well. I was very proud of her today. She tried something for the first time and immediately did what she was supposed to do on the first try and on her own! I had a doctors appointment Tuesday morning so after her ISR lesson, she and I rode over to Andalusia to see Dr. Bowen. I have July 19th scheduled now for Asher's arrival. He may choose to come earlier, but if he doesn't he will be born on the 19th! That is so hard to believe. 8 weeks away!! WOW! I sent Gregg a txt last week while he was in OK that said, "9 weeks until Asher arrives" and he replied back that he needed more time! :) He hasn't been able to work on the crib any since he got back from OK. He brought back this awful cough and runs out of breath very easily and it has been so hot that he just hasn't been able to work on it. I feel like he must have inhaled too much sawdust or something. He got sawdust in his eye while he was up there and ended up going to the ER because his eye was so swollen. He showed me a picture and it was quite disgusting. Anyway.. We are just having normal weeks, nothing exciting going on.. I have been working on Asher's bedding a little. I have the crib skirt finished and the crib sheet is 90% finished. All I have left to do with it is sew the elastic on it. I have his bumper about 50% done. I am down to the tricky part of it and am gonna need to go ask for some help on it because I really don't wanna mess it up! :)  Anyway, here's some pics:
She was helping me mix sour cream and mushroom soup for daddy's "welcome home meal"
Heading to the wedding Sat. night.
Heading to church Sunday morning with Mouse and Silky
Seeing the above picture made me think of a story about her Silky that I had to share. The other day I decided to toss Silky in to the washing machine while it was on the rinse cycle with our dress clothes.. She stood at the washing machine and cried and hit the machine crying "silky" the entire time. Guess I will have to start sneaking it away in her sleep! :)

Fishing Fun, Sunday afternoon. (30 1/2 weeks preggo here)
Ready for her first ISR lesson of 2011
My little Sunshine!
Waiting for her lesson


Jodi said...

Meredith! You look so beautiful in that picture!!

You're naturally beautiful, but pregnancy just makes a woman glow with beauty!

Love the pics of Kaidi... my, is she growing <3

Meg said...

Kaidi is so beautiful and so are you!

I love that she is starting swim lessons--that's awesome.

Toyia Colquett said...

Ohhhh awwww Mere I LOVE the fish picture of you and Mr Asher :)

Unknown said...

You're absolutely glowing!!! You're just a stunning woman Mer.