May 2, 2011

3rd Trimester, Here I Come!

Tomorrow I will be 28 weeks! The start of the final trimester and I could not be more excited! I am so thankful to have made it this far and I feel like I am in the "safe" zone and if Asher arrived much earlier than expected, then he would be far more likely to survive now than he would have a few weeks ago. It's hard for me to believe that the time has almost come! We have so much to do to get ready for lil man! Gregg and I went by and looked at some fabric Saturday and found some that we really like and I think we will be getting the different patterns in the next few weeks so that I can start on his bedding. I would be lying if I said I wasn't extremely nervous about making his bedding myself, but it can't be that hard and I already have a great friend willing to help me out if I get in a bind! This is my last week of school for this semester. I stayed up pretty late last night studying for my History exam that I had this morning and after sitting in the lab for 2 hours I think I could have done a backflip when I made an 88 on it! I was so proud of myself! I only missed 6 questions! I have one more exam to take this week (Math) and I am a little worried about how tough it will be. I have a fabulous math teacher though. I have never done very well in math, but my last 2 tests I made a 94 and a 100 on so I am feeling pretty confident about possibly coming out of this class with an A!! I am so ready to get this week over with and have a mental break for a while! Gregg will be leaving for a week this month to go to Ardmore, OK with Carpenter's for Christ. He is very excited about this opportunity and I am excited for him. I will also be able to use that week to get quite a few things accomplished! I don't know why it is, but I get more things done when Gregg is off doing something then when he is at the house. We tend to sit around and be lazy when we are together! For example, yesterday afternoon he went over to Andalusia and worked on Asher's crib all afternoon and I managed to wash my car, wash the garage door, spray off the columns on the front porch and was just about to plant some bulbs that I have been wanting to plant for a while, when I decided I needed to make myself take a break! After "breaking" for about an hour or so, I got up and cooked supper. I was one tired Mama when I hit the pillow at 1:50 this morning! (I know, I stayed up too late) Anyway.. I hope everyone had a good weekend! Ours was good! Here are some new pictures (From Easter weekend) that I didn't have uploaded off my camera the other day.
Hunting Eggs at my Aunt Becky's House
Brennon and Kaidi enjoying a ring pop
All of Kaidi's eggs went to the fountain.
Easter Bunny Goodies.
She was pretty excited about the candy!
Trying out her new chair and some candy!

Easter 2011

Easter 2010 (wow has she changed a lot!)

Easter lunch was at our house. Here is the spread!
Kaidi had a quick nap while we all ate lunch!


Lindsay said...

glad yall had a good easter! kaidi is getting so big!!

Kayla said...

Congrats on making it to the final trimester. I remember breathing a little easier when I got to that point too!