April 28, 2011

I'm Still Here

I know you may think that I have fallen off of the face of the Earth, but I promise I haven't! I have been so busy with so many things going on and just honestly haven't had the desire to blog lately. I run run run all week long with class 3 nights a week, not getting home until 9 most of the time and then homework and/or test for my online class on the nights I don't have class that I am actually just completely exhausted and the only thing I wanna do when I get a free moment is love on my lil girl and wrap up in the arms of my love! As much craziness as I have had the last couple of weeks, I have had some very enjoyable moments! We have had some very busy weekends lately with birthday parties, Sunday School Parties, Family get-togethers and housework. The time is flying by. Kaidi is growing like a weed and getting smarter everyday. She now loves to give butterfly kisses and I cherish them so much because that is some of my last memories with Brayden and Kenadi. They loved giving Butterfly kisses and now she does. She seems so much grownier to me. I know she is only 16 months, but she feels like she is so much older. I think a lot of it has to do with how she is getting more and more like I remember Brayden and Kenadi and their development level before the accident. She still isn't talking as much as they were, but she is also not quite the same age yet either! She sings and dances and amazes me with how much she knows. The other day I was asking her questions like, "Where's your nose?" and she was able to tell me where her nose, ear, eye, mouth, teeth, hair, hand, foot, fingers, toes and belly are. I have known that she knew where the basics (ear, mouth, nose, eye) were, but had no idea she knew the rest of the parts! She will also say them if I point to them on me. She also can tell you what her name is and it is so cute to hear her say it! I love her so much! She does so well going to bed at night too. She goes right to her toddler bed, climbs in it and tucks her "silky" under her cheek and doesn't give a bit of problem. I hope that continues once Asher gets here! I am hoping his arrival doesn't cause any setbacks with her! She is VERY clingy to me when other people are around. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact she doesn't see me enough lately with class all the time. I love seeing her eyes light up and the amount of excitement in her when she sees me. Makes my heart melt! I don't know if I have mentioned this in my previous posts, but another adjustment we will soon face is possibly daycare. Gregg's grandparents are just to the point where their health has taken a small toll on them and they asked us if we would find another means of care once the new baby arrived. I was not at all surprised! They are in their mid 70's and have done a fabulous job with the twins and over the past year and a half with Kaidi. I felt like this was coming because I know that, even though they kept 2 babies at a time before, that was 4 years ago and it will be  a little different with a newborn and a wild toddler. I am semi-excited about the transition for Kaidi. I look forward to her having the interaction with other toddlers and getting used to a schedule. I just don't look foward to the financial aspect of things. We are not really in a position to fork out the extra $600 a month. But I know that God has taken care of us before when we hit a financial "valley" and he will help us again.  I am excited about the things God has in store for our family. As uncertain as things seem all the time, God desires good for all of us. We just have to sit back and trust him!
One thing I know I haven't talked about yet on my blog is ISR lessons. We enrolled Kaidi in the infant swim last summer in Enterprise and I am so happy that this year we have got ISR to come to Opp to the Wellness Center. This is such a fabulous program and I wish I could truly stress to EVERYONE with small children and grandchildren how great of a gift this is for them. ISR teaches survival skills. It has a 100% success rate! How could you pass up on something like that! I have sent out emails to my contacts and I have written an "announcement" that I was gonna post on here, but it was probably a little too.... truthful... I lost two of my children to drowning so this is something that I am very passionate about. I want to feel the confidence that if a circumstance happened and my living children found their way to water and fell in, that they would be able to save themselves. This program does that for me. I watched last summer as my 7 month old worked so hard to learn how to turn herself to the surface and float. It is amazing. I want to add 2 of the "truthful" things that I put in my announcement.
-Wouldn't you much rather see your child fall into a pool and save themself than to dance on a stage? I have a child who did not know these life saving skills I talk about and I will never see her dance on a stage. Why take that chance?
-If you think these lessons are too much for you to afford, try dealing with the costs of funeral expenses and hospital bills and burial plots and the everyday heartache of the fact that your child is no longer with you. ISR is worth every penny.
These instructors are trained to monitor your childs physical and psychological response in the water. It teaches them how to remain calm and react in a scary situation. They know what they are doing! If you are interested in enrolling your child or even helping out with your grandchild on these lessons, please contact Kim today at lilottersswim@fuse.net. It is the best gift you can give, I promise!
Now enough about ISR.. I told you I was very passionate about it and there is so much more that I want to SCREAM at you.
I want to talk a little about Mr. Asher! He is one very active baby! He kicks and rolls all day long and I swear, by the kicks I am receiving, his foot is going to be as big as mine when he comes out! I am so ready to meet him and see what he looks like. I really want him to look like me and Kenadi. I think it will be so.. unique for Gregg to have a son and daughter that look like him and me to have a son and daughter that look like me! It is UNREAL how much Kaidi looks like Brayden. I have got to get started on things for Asher. Gregg has been, very slowly, working on his crib and I am planning on doing his bedding. I am waiting till I am finished with school so I should get started in the next month. I still don't know for sure what "look" i am going for.. it's always so hard to choose! Gregg said we were not painting so I will have to find something that will blend well with his khaki colored walls. That shouldn't be too hard! I have started picking up some more crafty things to make and actually made Kaidi 2 shirts and Asher a onsie. Here are some pics of the shirts
I made this one, but when I washed it the dark pink bled all over the yellow :(
So then I made this one and didn't wash it! It may be the only time she will get to wear it! :)
Here's one for sweet Asher! Can't wait to put it on him and take him to the beach!! :) Well maybe not take him to the beach, but at least get that vibe!

 I guess now that I have added a few pics, I might as well add some more.. I still haven't uploaded any pics from Easter weekend, but here are some from the weekends before:
Kaidi and our neighbor Banks riding around in Banks' Truck
At my nephew, Graysons, ballgame
She loved drinking my mom's diet coke
Sunday before Easter. Silly face!
Sunday School Class Easter Party/Hunt
She loved looking at the pond. She kept walking towards it.
Finding Eggs
She LOVED sliding! I have a video that I need to upload! We have a swing set kit, we just have to get the wood for it.
My sweet family -2!
She tossed eggs all over the yard.
Wore out after a long Sunday she crashed in front of her door and we could only get in enough to take a picture.
She loves putting on Gregg's shoes and trying to walk!
Helping Daddy wash my car. I came home from school one night and he had washed the car, cut the grass, given her a bath and had supper in the oven! That was such a blessing!! :)
He also took pics for me because he knows how much I missed out on the car wash!!
Splish Splash
He said she really enjoyed this!

She was SOAKED!
 With these pictures, I wanted to add a few of the twins helping us wash Gregg's truck

They always had the best times together.
Looks like Kenadi is trying to blow the bubbles off her fingers.
Brayden thought it was so funny to spray himself!
My sweet brown-eyed girl.

How I miss those two so much! It's hard for me to believe their 4th birthday is a week from Monday. 4th! Also hard for me to accept the fact that the last one we celebrated together was their 2nd! Has it really already been that long. How badly I wanna hold them and hug them and kiss them. I know God hears my every cry so I know that He is loving on them and giving them an extra squeeze from me.

Last thing to add.. I absolutely love this song.. it's very.. upbeat and SO true for pretty much everyone out there. I know we all have these days where it seems like nothing is going right! Just wanted to share. I've been wanting to add this song on a post for about the past month, but.. well, guess you see that hasn't happened so here ya go!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Victoria said...

your sweet kaidi is adorable!
what great photos of her helping her daddy. and the ones of your babies helping him too.

good luck with your clases!

praying for a smooth and healthy pregnancy and baby asher :)

i, too, LOVE that francesca song, one of faves.

Heather said...

Kaidi is getting soo big! and even more adorable, if possible! I can't wait to see what baby Asher looks like!

I enrolled my son in swimming classes when he was 6 months old, they were 2 days a week for 3 months, it really helped him! We will probably do it this year too, now that he is 17 months I would like him to actually learn how to swim not just float! lol

Jodi said...

Glad all is well! Loved seeing all the pictures, my how Kaidi is growing :)

I always love to see pics of B&K...they melt my heart.

And what a beautiful Easter dress Kaidi was wearing :) :)