April 6, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

The past week has been super crazy! I can't even remember the last time I blogged, or what it was about! Sorry guys!! :) With school, work pregnancy and family,  I am doing good to find time to do anything extra! We had a pretty chaotic weekend. Gregg led up the first ever poker run for the Rotary Club that started at 9 Saturday morning so I felt like we ran all morning with that! That afternoon, I took a much needed nap (belive me, i was one grumpy pregnant woman) while Gregg and Kaidi cut the grass and started on The Princess and the Frog. I woke up shortly after it started and Gregg went and took a shower while me and Kaidi watched a little bit of it. I didn't get to watch but about 30 minutes of it because I had to get ready for our date that night. Gregg's mom and dad came over and watched Kaidi while we went out to eat and went bowling! We had a really good time together and I will have to say that I will not be bowling anymore until after Mr. Asher arrives (14 more weeks!!) I was pretty sore the next day! Sunday after church, Kaidi took a good long nap, and when she woke up, we spent the next couple of hours outside because the weather was SO nice! Gregg put out some weed and feed fertilizer stuff that required turning the sprinklers on and Kaidi had the best time playing in them. After the first set of sprinklers went off, she kept throwing her arms up like "where did it go" and she walked all over the yard looking for more water. Gregg went and turned on another zone and she took off with the biggest grin on her face. It was priceless! After she finished playing in the water, I went in and got her a grape popsicle and she ate that thing up! Then I gave her a bath and started on supper. I put the movie back on and we watched it while I got the burgers ready. It was actually a pretty cute movie! I think tonight we may watch Alice and Wonderland!! That's pretty much the "jist" of our weekend! This weekend we have 2 birthday parties to go to and I am wanting to make a shopping trip to get Kaidi an Easter dress and outfit! Hope you all have a great weekend! Here are some pics from the past weekend:
This Past weekend was our Home's First Anniversary! Hard to believe we've been there a year!
First "spray" of the water! She was so tickled!
I thought this looked like she was doing a Boogey Dance from the 70's!
Up Close!
Happy Little Girl!
Where did the water go?
Sweet little Smile!
Yum Yum!


Toyia Colquett said...

She looks just like Brayden in the cheese picture to me!!

Kayla said...

Loving the ladybug swimsuit!!!

Jodi said...

I think she looks like that computer baby dancing from a few yrs ago...remember?? funny. I also think she looks a lot like Brayed in the very last picture :) And I LOVE your home! Love the color, and porch...oh, how I want to live in the South, with beautiful tree's all around me and a PORCH!

Jodi said...


Meredith Ramer said...

She looks very much like Brayden! It's so funny to me how she can have so much of both of them in her but also be uniquely Kaidi too! The Ladybug swimsuit was Kenadi's! It came from the dollar store and we have DEFINITELY got our $4 worth out of it!