April 7, 2011

24 Weeks

I am now (as of Tuesday of this week) 24 weeks! I don't feel like I have mentioned much about my pregnancy so I figured I would blog about that today! I have gained 6 lbs so far and am still feeling pretty good physically! I am starting to have those pains that you get after you've been pregnant before that slow me down just a little bit, but other than that, I feel pretty normal! Asher moves very much at night. I like to pull my shirt tight and watch my belly move from him kicking me. It's so amazing to feel a baby move! We have really got to start concentrating on the fact that he will be here in 14 weeks! We have done NOTHING to the room that he is going to be in (which i am thinking may change, lol. Thinking about putting him in the computer room instead). Gregg has been working on his crib and I am planning on finding an old dresser to re-do and use as a changing table as well as a dresser. Haven't quite decided on what fabric I am going to use for his bedding. We have talked about doing a classy Alabama nursery very similar to this

But I am afraid that all that houndstooth would make me dizzy looking at it all the time! :) I love the canvas above the bed! But I have also thought a lot lately about doing a beachy/nautical type theme and painting the walls a light blue color and having lime and navy accents much like this room:

I love this dresser/changer combo in the navy color

I don't know! There's a lot to think about! It's all fun though! I am ready to get started and get finished on all of this before Asher gets here! I am anxious to see what Kaidi thinks of having a little baby brother to share attention with and how she will be as a big sister. I'm not real worried about it because I believe she is young enough that she won't feel too jealous and if she did she wouldn't understand that feeling and it wouldn't be as much of an issue as it is with a child that is a little bit older. I could be completely wrong though! Guess time will tell! I am ready to see the difference in raising twins and raising two that are 20 months apart. It has been so easy with Kaidi (particularly after having the twins) so I am ready to take on the challenge!
I am heading to lunch with my mom today. Hook's BBQ! I am looking forward to a yummy Chicken Potato! :)  Have a Great day!


Soleta Norris said...

I LOVE the nautical themed room!

Amber said...

I too love the light blue and lime green!

Meg said...

I too love the nautical themed room--so cute!

I think Kaidi will be happy to have a little bro in the home to get into trouble with!

The Macks said...

I love, love, love the nautical themed nursery. It looks so peaceful! Hope all is well!