March 27, 2011

Zoo Trip and a Lil More

Saturday we took Kaidi to the zoo in Montgomery. First thing that morning, Gregg had to go and work with the Rotary Club doing the "Adopt a Mile" program and clean up the roadway that they had adopted. Kaidi and I took our time getting ready and we were both completely ready and waiting when Gregg got home around 10. He hopped in the shower while I loaded up a few last minute things. We headed on the way about 10:30. Kaidi slept the entire way to Montgomery. I was so glad because I was so worried about the timing and her missing a nap and being ill at the zoo. Everything worked out perfectly. We decided to skip the picnic and we grabbed a quick bite at Arby's before we got to the zoo. We arrived at the zoo around 1 and started on our wonderful adventure with Kaidi. She LOVED it! You could tell her wheels were turning the entire time. Pointing at all the animals and the look of amazement on her face was priceless. We got finished seeing most of the zoo and then we made our way to the elephants. Kaidi has been watching her Barney at the Zoo video the past week and she will bend over and sling her arm in front of her face like a trunk and it's so cute. We were anxious to see her reaction to them. She was most excited about them! Shortly after we arrived at the Elephant Exhibit, it started raining and we broke out the huge golf umbrella and made our way to the pavillion in the center of the zoo. About that time, a DOWNPOUR came! Gregg and I were talking on the way home on how we haven't seen rain that hard in a long time! It rained pretty hard for about 10 minutes and then cleared up. We decided we better go before another band of rain came through. Probably good timing too, I don't think we got 5 minutes from the zoo and Kaidi was asleep again! And again, slept the entire way home! Made for an easy car ride both ways! :)
When we got home, Gregg wanted to go check a burn pile at the hunting land and while heading there, we ran over an old fence and it wrapped around one of his back tires. He managed to get enough of it loose from around the axle that we could get on home. When we got home and he started to clip it loose, Kaidi was very interested and had to have a front row seat. She then played with Mags and Char for a bit and then we went inside and had supper. Sunday we had a busy day. I had to take breakfast for our sunday school class this week and after preparing the sausage crescent roll stuff, i looked at it and thought, there's noway that's enough so me and K made a quick trip to the grocery store and i picked up some grapes and had all the other stuff at home and made a grape salad and an apple snicker salad to also take. We left very quickly after sunday school because we had to drive 45 minutes to get to Scott and Gina's church because they were getting baptized and we didn't want to miss it. We had lunch with them afterwards and then headed back home. There's the jist of our weekend, now here's the best part, PICTURES!!  :)
Here's some pics from the Week/Weekend:


Beverly said...

Loved your pictures, especially the last one where your dog (so sorry I can't remember the dog's name)looks like he is almost hugging Miss Kaidi. I don't comment much but I love to check on Kaidi and family often. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for sharing your great pictures of the zoo trip! I love your new blog design too.

Mary Ann

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Niki said...

Miss kaidi is too cute! I love the dress she has on at the zoo..would you mind sharing where it came from? Hope the pregnancy is going well and know y'all continue to be in my prayers. Glad you had a great time at the zoo!

Meredith Ramer said...

Mary Ann- Thank you, I did my blog design myself. I love playing around with it!! :) I also do my friend Toyia's blog.
I will check out your giveaway.. I try to check in on your blog often.

Niki- The dress was given to Kenadi on her first birthday. It's Baby Gap. It is a beautiful dress! I thought it looked "junglely" for the zoo! :)

Jean said...

Love the picture she is one little doll.