March 16, 2011


Is it really Wednesday already?? Where has the time gone!? We had a "half/half" kinda weekend.. Saturday was WONDERFUL!! We had a wonderful day around the house and working on some projects outside! Saturday morning, Gregg went and got a haircut and picked up the wood to start on Asher's crib while Kaidi and I went to two of the stores in Opp to "price shop" . I am working on a study on where stuff is the cheapest in Opp. Everything is going up and I have to get the best deals I can! She got a little restless in the second store, so I decided not to go to the other 3. We headed home and then rode with Gregg out to the hunting land where Jay was piling up some trees to be burned. We then followed Jay though a grown up road that needed clearing (Jay was on a dozer, we were in the truck). Kaidi rode in my lap most of the time, but after about 25 minutes I could tell she was getting sleepy and I asked her if she wanted to get in her car seat and she shook her head. I put her in her seat and literally 5 minutes later she was asleep! No fuss at all! She is really SO good about going to sleep. I guess she is like her Daddy and Mama! We both like to sleep! She slept for about an hour and then Gregg dropped me off at my Jeep and then Kaidi and I went to Doc's and got us some lunch. It was so good too! We always forget about them being right here beside our house and they really have good food and prices! Our 2 catfish plates that have 2 fillets a pile of fries and 3 hushpuppies were $6 a plate! Once we got done eating lunch, we went and spent the rest of the afternoon outside. We rode back through the trail (in the opposite direction) and Gregg cut down overgrown limbs that the dozer couldn't get while Kaidi and I rode along behind him in the truck. I ended up grabbing Kaidi's carseat and sticking it in the front seat and put the belt over her just so I could drive (i don't do as good of a job driving and holding her as Gregg does). She ended up falling asleep again and after Gregg wore himself out cutting/dragging limbs, he hopped in the truck and we rode on through and went to the other side of the land and checked his deer feeder and deer cam. We got home and it was getting late so Kaidi and I stayed outside for just about 30-45 mins and then came inside. Kaidi went to bed around 8:30 or 9 and we stayed up until around 11 (then you add the hour for the time change so it was technically 12). He got the dog bowls ready and it ended up waking Kaidi. I went in there and just put her back up on her pillow and gave her "mouse" and went back to bed. 45 minutes later she wakes up crying and Gregg went to check on her and said she was a little rattly so he gave her a puff of her inhaler to see if that would help her and came back to bed, she kept crying out off and on so I went to check on her and just laid beside her bed and listened/watched her for a minute or two. She was VERY restless and kept pushing her palm hard against her ears and temple area. I felt like she had an ear infection the way she was tossing and turning and just couldn't get comfortable. Then I rubbed my hand across her head and realized she was burning up. I went and got her some tylenol and came back and had to FORCE her to take it. She is QUITE the fighter when it comes to taking medication! Of course her screaming and all had Gregg come in there and he told me just to bring her to bed with us so we could monitor her better. I grabbed the thermometer and checked her temp and it was 102.2. :( She tossed and turned and coughed and sneezed for about 1-2 hours, never would get good and asleep and around 4, we decided she would probably rest better in her bed so Gregg took her to her room and ended up laying on the floor beside her bed.. he had to sing "mr. sun" song over and over again. if he started to sing another one, she would he said that he was forgetting the words he was singing it so much! She finally fell asleep and around 5 he came to bed.. 10 mins later she woke up crying again so I went in there, gave her some more tylenol, and laid beside her bed and sang until she drifted back to sleep.. if i tried to get up, it would wake her so I just decided I would stay in there.. I think we slept until around 6ish and I got up and turned on her Barney video and she crawled down on the little couch with me and laid there watching Barney for a while. She would keep telling me she wanted to eat, but then she wouldn't eat anything. She fell back asleep around 8:30 and we slept on the floor in her room until 10:45. I put her in her high chair and made pancakes and eggs and she wouldn't have any of it. She was fevered again so I gave her some meds and decided to give her a bath to see if that would make her feel a little better. She seemed a little happy in the tub and played in it for about 30 minutes. Then we all got dressed and played outside for a little bit and Gregg decided we would go get a pizza (Kaidi LOVES pizza) for lunch. She still wouldn't eat.. After lunch, my mom and dad came by and mom walked Kaidi around outside for a little while and then they had to go get my nephew to ball practice and it wasn't even 30 seconds after they left that she was sound asleep in Gregg's lap. She napped on him for about an hour and then got up (still wouldn't eat) and played a little in her room. She napped off an on all day Sunday and pretty much every 3-4 hours would have a 102 fever again. I know that a fever is a good sign as far as her body is doing it's job to fight off infection, but knew that if she still had it in the morning, she was going to the doctor! Sure enough she was still fevered and now had started wheezing/croupy cough by Monday morning. Gregg took her to the doctor and she tested positive for strep and has an ear infection and croup issues.. so anti-biotic and breathing treatments! Still didn't eat anything at all Monday. Finally got a little bit of an appetite yesterday, but wouldn't eat supper last night. I had class last night and Gregg had her and said she was in a very good/playful mood. It is so good to know she is getting better! I hate when my babies are sick!  After my class last night, I decided to stop by and let Gina scan me so we could get a peek at Asher! He is definitely a boy, which made me feel so relived to know for sure! I have someone that is carpooling with me to class on Tues and Thurs. and she was able to experience her first viewing of an ultrasound and I think she was more excited than I was! We got to see a pretty good image of his lips/nose area and you could see him opening and closing his mouth and sometimes it looked like he was blowing kisses. It was sweet!  Gregg has started on his crib and is pretty excited about doing it. I am excited too and know that it is going to be such a treasure for Asher as he grows up! Here are some pics I wanted to share:
Friday after work we went and filled up the deer trough and checked the camera.
She wanted to help her Daddy so bad!
She kept trying to pick Charlie up! He just let her! :)
Pretty little girl!
Our crazy furchildren!
This was taken Sunday afternoon, you can tell she doesn't feel well.
Passed out in her Daddy's lap.


Kayla said...

I always hate when they're sick! I feel so sorry especially if they can't tell you exactly what hurts.

I'm glad she's on the road to recovery!!

Jodi said...

I love those dogs and I love a kid in overalls!!!

:) :) :)