March 24, 2011

New Ride

I am now the owner of a Chevy Impala! It's really a God thing! We struggled back and forth about whether or not to go looking for a new car or really consider the used White Impala they let me drive for a few days that had a good price on it. Only thing is, the price on that impala was more than what I could get for my Jeep and I really didn't want to have to finance any more money than what we already had with my Jeep. We also really wanted leather seats (because of kids). God worked a miracle for us! The car salesman called Gregg on Friday and said that someone just traded in a 2008 Chevy Impala with Leather (heated) seats and Sunroof and only had 40,000 miles on it and they wanted less for it than what they would give me for trade-in on my Jeep. We were thrilled! We also knew the previous owner and knew that it was WELL taken care of! We are adding a spoiler to the car and once we get that done, we are gonna take it to get the windows tinted as well. I couldn't be more excited about the way God worked things out for us! I will post a picture of it soon enough! They brought it to me all nice and clean Tuesday at lunch, but by that afternoon it was already yellow from pollen! It's charcoal gray and the inside is black leather (main reason we are getting the windows tinted is to keep from getting that black leather too hot).
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We are planning on taking Kaidi to the Zoo this weekend and having a picnic while we are there. I am looking forward to some family time! I am proud to say that Gregg actually planned this trip and I hope that everything works out and we will be able to go!

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Unknown said...

You'll be a stylin' mama!! Can you believe my parents, who are in their mid 70's bought a sporty Impala? ? Blow's my mind that they wanted one! It's sharp tho. A 2009, white with a spoiler..kinda sounds like yours doesn't it? Seems like a perfect fit for you, but for my elderly parents...I just crack up!