March 3, 2011

Kaidi's Appointment

Kaidi had her appointment yesterday with Dr. Motta. He is an asthma/allergy specialist in Dothan. It is always nice to go in to a doctor's office and see scripture on the wall and kids bible stories in the basket for kids to enjoy. Kaidi did REALLY well with Dr. Motta. I was very surprised because she screams as soon as she sees her pediatritian! They did the skin test on her and everything came back negative except for a mild allergy to bahia grass. I was so thankful to know that she isn't allergic to all the trees, molds and animals they tested her against! He told me that we wouldn't have to worry about the grass allergy too much and that it may flare up more with fresh cut grass in the air (which will be constantly once grass cutting season comes in) and he prescribed her to singulair for daily use! I felt really good leaving there, like I finally had some answers. We swung through McDonalds and got some french fries and sweet tea. My mom rode with us. We decided to go in to the new Hobby Lobby that just opened in Dothan. There are SOOOOOOO many things i could have bought in there. We left there and headed home. I was very afraid of running out of gas on the way home.. I just knew I would be calling Gregg to come bring us some fuel! I did manage to pull over between Enterprise and Opp and take a beautiful picture of the sunset! Such a marvelous creation! We got home around 6 and Gregg called and said that he and Jay had managed to get the Ranger and the Tractor stuck and that they were gonna be late coming in because they had to get it out before today. I think he got in after 9 covered in mud! I had to take a picture of how dirty his pants and boots were! Do they really ever grow up? ;) When he got home,  I was in the process of making breakfast for supper. It was really good and we were both pretty tired from a long day!  Here are some pics from yesterday:
She enjoyed turning this seat round and round!
The big whelp is from histimine. It is supposed to do that!
Little Stinker!
Leaving Hobby Lobby!
How Beautiful!
He kept the boots and trashed the pants! :)


Sara said...

So glad she does not have allergies! That picture of the sunset is just so beautiful:)

Donna said...

It's good to hear of a nice experience in a doctor's office. I think far more often you hear bad ones.
The sunset photo is gorgeous!! You hubby's pants/boots,...not so much!

Heather said...

Good news at the Doctor is always good news :)
I actually laughed out loud when I saw the picture of Greg. I was expecting MUCH worse I guess on the dairy farm we get dirty...he just got his shoes a bit muddy ***grin*** sometime I'll have to take one of us on a bad day...but then maybe not. We're usually covered from nose to toes in calving liquids or manure...not a pretty picture I assure you