March 10, 2011

Had a pretty crazy weekend! Stayed up late Friday night doing laundry and going through little girl clothes trying to decide what all I needed to buy for Kaidi. Because she was born in December and the twins were born in May, the clothes are a little too big for her right now. I had PILES of 24months and 2T clothes, but I knew they would just fall off of her this summer. I got up early Saturday morning and met my mother in law at a seasonal kids sale in Andalusia. It was pouring, but I (along with 100 other ladies) stood in line and waited for the doors to open at 7! I was able to get Kaidi a pretty good bit of stuff. Lynn and Angel got there about 30 minutes later and she got a good bit too. It was nice getting home and being not having any laundry to do Saturday morning. All I had to wash was the clothes I just got her and hung them up and now she has a full closet! Saturday afternoon we went and visited Gregg's cousin and his little boy and caught up with him and how things are going. Then we stopped by his grandmothers and hung out there and ate supper and came on home and watched a movie. Sunday, after church, we had some friends over to enjoy some super yummy chili on a very cold day! I think it was colder leaving church than it was going to church. Gregg went over to his friends shop that afternoon to get started on Asher's crib so I decided to go through all the clothes Kaidi has outgrown and pull out what I needed to get rid of. There are a lot of pink things covering my living room right now! I've decided that some of the baby things I have of hers (that are pink) I am going to sale so that I can buy Asher some things that aren't pink! :) I will buy gender neutral, whatever it is so that if we have another baby after him, we can reuse it! Kaidi enjoyed me going through all of these things because she liked picking up the piles and putting them back in to the box, making my job a little more time consuming, but she was happy and I had nothing better to do than spend that time with her :) She tickled me when I got the baby tub out.. she stayed in that thing for a LONG time and would go and get stuff and play with it in the baby tub. I finally got most everything put in certain piles and then we started on supper. It's Thursday now (I have been writing on this post all week) and I have no clue what we had for supper Sunday night! Monday night I had class and Tuesday night I started my class in Luverne that is two nights a week, So I am now going to school 3 nights a week. Tuesday night Gregg ate with his Granny and brought home a plate for me. I got home around 8:30 and did about 40-50 homework problems. I had quite a bit to do for class.. I think 86 problems on what we covered in class Tuesday night! GEEEZE!! It has been a LONG time since I have done a lot of this stuff and I felt a little overwhelmed at first, but after going through the homework problems I feel a little bit better. Yesterday seemed like such a crazy day. The weather was awful yesterday morning and where I work is responsible for the communication equipment for the county schools and our towers kept dropping because of the weather and we heard the teachers/personnel on the radios all morning discussing whether or not the kids needed to be on their bottoms or on their knees. It brought back memories of being at school during tornado warnings, I don't miss it AT ALL! I thought a lot about the elementary kids yesterday. I am sure that there were a lot of scared children and can only imagine the pressure on the teachers to calm all of their student's fears. I was very thankful that the weather never got too serious! Today it has been pretty chilly inspite of the beautiful sunshine! I had lunch with Toyia today and that was a nice time of fellowship. Most of the time when we get together, we have kids with us and can't really have that one on one conversation. Which I do love watching our kids play together too! :) I like for Kaidi to have kids to play with. I feel like she is missing out so much on B&K and the great time they would have had together that I love for her being with other kids. I am anxious to see how she is with the new baby! I am sure there will be times where she is jealous, but I also know that she will love being a big sister!  I have class again tonight, so Gregg is going to stay at his grandparents house, when he gets Kaidi, to eat supper with them tonight.  Here are a few pics from the past week.
Watching Barney.. This is one of the new outfits I bought her Saturday morning. She was able to wear this Saturday afternoon, but Sunday morning we had to break out the sweaters! Gotta love this Alabama weather!
She has started singing some of the Barney songs and it reminds me SO much of Brayden. The one she is singing is the same one he would sing all the time, "Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, Please shine down on me!"
Kaidi and Lane (Gregg's cousin's little boy- he will be a year old this month)
Kaidi and Parker playing with the Coupe.
Just chillin' in the baby tub, trying on some headbands!
This was taken Tuesday morning. I told her to say "cheese" and this is what I got! :)
She looks like such a big girl here to me! :(

Hope you all have a great weekend! I don't know that we have any plans this weekend, which is fine by me! :)


Kayla said...

I guess I missed the post where you said you were going to name the new baby Asher - I still wanted to say I LOVE IT!!!

Jodi said...

you're more dedicated to find a good sale than I am!

I'm not a morning person. :) :)

that's a really cute outfit she was wearing, she looks sweet in yellow :)