March 1, 2011

Cookies with Characters and More

Friday afternoon I went to the grocery store and then went and picked up Kaidi and headed home. I can't pull Gregg's truck in to the garage because of the golf cart so I grabbed the double stroller and wheeled it over to the side of the truck where the groceries were and loaded them in to the stroller. We did this alot when we had the twins because the kitchen was at the back of our older house and we didn't want to keep opening and closing the door. I grabbed Kaidi out of her carseat and we pushed the stroller into the mud room. I slowly unloaded each bag from the stroller and threw the plastic bags on the floor in the mud room. Kaidi was picking up all the plastic bags and taking them to the laundry room. I had a load of clothes in a basket beside the dryer and the dryer door was open and she began putting all the clothes back in to the dryer along with the 2 or 3 plastic bags she had... While this was going on, Gregg got home and came in laughing and said, "what, you got her doing laundry now?" I grabbed my camera and took a quick pick!

Got a few more pics of her that night before bed:

Saturday morning we got up and did more laundry and Gregg had to ride out to pick up Jay from his land so he took Kaidi with him, so she would nap, and so I could get ready. When they got back, Kaidi and Gregg changed clothes and we headed to Andalusia for Cookies with Characters.  We got there after it started, but Kaidi still got to see the characters dancing on stage. Gregg put her up on his shoulders so she could see better. Her eyes were bright with excitement!

Then we went and got in the line for Barney and waited for about 15-20 minutes. She was still pretty happy.

She was so funny when it was her turn to go see Barney. She walked right up to him and then stopped and (i guess she realized how big he was) she started backing up but was still smiling. I finally picked her up and we took a few pics with him.

When we got to Elmo she wasn't too sure about him. She gave him the "mean eyes"

We stood in line for Mickey and Minnie and when there were about 3 people in front of us, Mickey and Minnie went and took a break, but they quickly returned and Kaidi could not WAIT to get to Minnie. I was having to hold her shirt tail to keep her from cutting line. Finally I was able to let her go and she was SO funny.. she kept smiling and waving at Minnie (she couldn't have cared less about Mickey)

We left after seeing Minnie because it was CHAOTIC in there and she had pretty much seen her favorite characters. They were having a rodeo at the arena next door and there were some horses tied up to trailors and I wanted to let her see them so Gregg took her to see a horse

We left there and filled up on gas and stopped by the park before heading to Opp. It was crazy busy too so we only stayed about 15-20 minutes. She enjoyed the swing and I HAD to get a pic of her and Gregg in the "face thing" (I don't know what it's called)

We then stopped by the lake to get a few pics before finally giving up and going home! (can you tell I was trying to enjoy as much of the weather and family time as possible)

Saturday night, Gregg gave her a bath and she went to bed very easily. She was one tired little girl!!

Sunday morning, we went in and found her asleep on the floor

I got her dressed and ready for church and she was not very happy about having to wear her necklace. She kept trying to pull it off and I was so afraid she was going to break it.

When we got in from church, Gregg fired up the grill and we had some yummy hamburgers.

 Kaidi grabbed her "mouse" (minnie) and put her in her babydoll stroller and strolled her around the house.

She took a good nap that afternoon (as did her daddy) and I was able to finish up my art project and wash my jeep while they napped. Kaidi woke up and I took her outside to play a little.  We came in and I started on supper. We ended up having lasagna and I think Kaidi ate more than we did! She kept wanting more and more. With the sterroid that she has been on, she has been eating us out of the house. Everytime we turn around she is saying eat! I am hoping that since her prescription ended Saturday that it will start to wear off soon! :)

It might look like she is quite the messy eater, but check this out and you may change your mind:

haha!! I am laughing so hard at these. She was always SOOOO messy!
Hope you guys have a great week! Kaidi's appointment with a specialist is tomorrow at 2 in Dothan. We hope to get to the bottom of these issues soon!


Heather said...

What a fun day you all had. I luv the evil eyes **smirk** It looks like Kenadi is wearing more than she ate. Too funny :)

Toyia Colquett said...

Okay the eating pictures cracked me up.... and her dress for church is so beautiful Mere!

Dana said...

Love all the pics! What kind of camera do you have... your pics are always so clear. I so need a new camera!

Meredith Ramer said...

Dana-I have a panasonic lumix camera. I have had it for almost 3 years now and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It has EASILY taken 40-50,000 pictures and rarely EVER lets me down! :)It has it's own battery that comes with a charger so I am not constantly buying batteries and changing them out! GREAT buy!