February 20, 2011

What Started Out Good, Turned Bad!

I was so looking forward to enjoying the wonderful weather at home this weekend, and I did get to enjoy that for a little while. However, our weekend started out so enjoyable and turned in to bad things back to back! Kaidi woke up around 4:30 Saturday morning and had a very hard time getting back to sleep on her own, so I went and got her and we tossed and turned on the couch for an hour and I finally got her back to sleep and just took her on to bed with me so I wouldn't wake her putting her in her crib. She had coughed and sneezed all day Friday and I could tell her nose was itching her because she was rubbing it constantly Saturday morning. We played outside for about an hour Sat. morning and then Gregg came and picked us up and we went to Pizza Hut for lunch. After lunch, we went and let Kaidi get her first haircut!! :) She didn't do TOO bad.. lol! Kaidi has a thing with her "personal space" and she just doesn't like ANYONE to mess with her. When we got back from lunch, my back tire was slack so Gregg drove down to Jay's and aired it up. When we got back to the house, you could hear air just pouring out of the tire. So, no more driving the jeep until Monday! Gregg had to meet Jay out at a pecan orchard to cut 2 trees down and limb up and I had a test to take in Andalusia so he took Kaidi with him. She spent another hour or so outside. I was already a little concerned with her breathing but didn't realize, until I picked her up, how bad it was. Poor thing was having such a hard time breathing. She was panting. Her chest was just caving in and her neck was tightening. I got her home and gave her a puff of her inhaler and put her down for a nap. She woke up about an hour later and was still panting so we tried a breathing treatment. Still no luck. Gregg got home and I told him that I was gonna call the pediatrician. He wanted to try a vapor bath with her first and if it didn't work we would call and go to the ER. While he gave her a bath, I finished up the homemade lasagna that I had been working on for the past 2 hours. I was very much looking forward to this lasagna! LOL. I had reached the point of layering the ingredients when they got done and she wasn't any better so I called the dr. and he told me to take her to get her o2 stats and how fast she was breathing. I took her on to the er and her stats were as low as 85 at one time. Her heartbeat was high and they ended up admitting us to the critical care unit overnight to monitor her and administer to her some sterroids. I called Gregg and told him just to finish up with the lasagna and he could just bring us up some to the hospital when it was done. He ran out of ingredients to do both the lasagna's (i was making an extra for our sunday school teacher) and he was ready to get to the er so i told him just to take ours out of the oven and let it cool and we could put it in the fridge for another night. Since we only had one vehicle at the time, he called his Granny to come and get him and take him to the hospital. I had just got Kaidi to sleep and within about 15 minutes, they came to take us to the ccu. After sticking her with those lil heart monitor tabs and attaching an oxygen monitor on her toe, she had had enough of those nurses already! They put some numbing creme on her foot and had to wait 30 minutes for that to kick in for them to come back and do the iv in her foot. I was NOT looking forward to this! They got it in one time and it didn't set right so they had to take it out and try again. They got it right the second time, but when they would try to tape it, it would kink up. Gregg asked them to call the ped. and see if they could just give her the shots of sterroids instead of keep poking her for the iv. The pediatrician agreed to that and we got Kaidi settled down just in time for the respitory nurse to come in to attach the canula (spelling?) to her face. She HATED this and was as strong as I have EVER seen a child before! She put up quite the fight over this thing. After fighting with that for 10 minutes, they came in to give her some oral medication in which came right back up along with her dinner and sippycup full of tea! I just so luckily got to be the one holding her when this happened! We cleaned her up and Gregg took her so I could run home and he got her to sleep and got the oxygen thing in her nose while I was gone. 2 hours prior to this, Gina and Scott brought us some dinner and I think I had had one bite of my chicken tender! I took my 2 hour cold dinner and ran home to pack some clothes and eat. I ended up eating a bowl of cereal (my absolute favorite meal when I am pregnant) and put the tenders in the fridge. I cleaned up the kitchen from the lasagna and packed up and headed back to the hospital. When I got there, we moved Kaidi to the crib and settled in for the night. I think it was after midnight. I woke up around 1:30 and checked on Kaidi and went and asked the nurses for them to do a breathing treatment. Then woke up again around 3:30 because her o2 stats were staying around 88-90 and fixed the oxygen thing right in front of her mouth to help her some. Then 6 came and they were coming in to give her her next sterroid shot. We had company come around 8:30 and then again a little after lunch and we finally were able to go home around 1:30. Dr. Bang asked me if I thought we needed to stay another night and I told him that since she got that last shot, we could do the breathing treatments at home. We follow-up with him on Thursday and he is going to send us to an allergy specialist to see what may have caused this problem. These respitory issues have been constant in Kaidi and I am glad we are going to, hopefully, find out what we can do to help her with these issues.  We got to eat the lasagna last night for supper and I will have to say, it was delicious!!! When I was preparing it, Gregg was very hesitant because I cut up peppers, onion and garlic for it, but he actually liked it too and said I would have to cook it more often! Kaidi seems to be feeling much better! I gave her a treatment around 8 and she went to bed right after that. Gregg has the day off tomorrow so he is planning on keeping her with him and getting my Jeep tire repaired! Here are some pics from the weekend:
Friday night, tuckered out at the dinner table.
Saturday morning, Enjoying a Beautiful day!
Feeding Maggie a leaf!
Rocking with Mama on the front porch
First Haircut!
Saturday night in the CCU. :(
Feeding Daddy some sugar cookie Sunday morning.
We're Home!! :) You can still tell she doesn't feel too good because of her lil eyes.
Flat tire on the Jeep.


Toyia Colquett said...

The hospital pics are pitiful :(!! Daddy looks exhausted..... sorry about the jeep tire :(!!

Jodi said...

oh my! I didn't see this post until now....

What a time you had and poor little Kaidi :(

I sure hope she's all better now and you get those breathing issues all figured out!

Her haircut is adorable by the way :)