February 8, 2011

Bye Bye Bottle

It was so hard to take the bottle away from her. It was her comfort. She loved that bottle more than any other item she has! Gregg and I were talking about it Friday night and just decided that Friday night would be the night. She cried about 45 minutes to an hour Friday night. It was even tougher Saturday when it was time for her to take a nap.. She didn't end up napping until about 2:30 and that was only because she crashed! Saturday night she cried about 30 minutes (getting better) and then Sunday nap was rough :( BUT Sunday night was only 20 minutes! Well, yesterday morning I told Gregg to tell his grandparents to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE not give her a bottle anymore because we pretty much had her broke and I didn't want to go through the work week like we did the weekend! I knew if we had a rough night last night then that meant they did. Guess what! She cried 5 minutes and went right to sleep! :) I was so proud!! That doesn't mean that tonight won't be rough or the next few nights, but it seems to have gotten (is that really a word) better every night! It was kinda sad taking it away from her though. That's just another step in to her growing up too fast! Here are some pics of Kaidi with her bottle over the past year:


Heather said...

She is just too cute. I am SO not looking forward to taking Parker's bottle away! By the way, go check out my blog, I awarded you!

Heather @ http://icthroughyou.blogspot.com

Toyia Colquett said...

She loved that baba!