February 26, 2011

Big Girl!

I got the wild hair Thursday night to just break down Kaidi's bed to the toddler bed. Alot of times at night, I will lay her in her bed and let her watch 30 minutes of tv and then turn the tv off and she goes to bed. Well, I figured she was probably tired of having to look through the slats to see the tv and I figured it would be easier in the morning for her to get up and get out of bed on her own. I was a little apprehensive as to how she would react to the freedom of getting out of her crib whenever, but she did SO well! I put her in her room around 7:30 and put the timer on the tv for 30 minutes. I could hear that she had gotten up a few times and was playing with some toys, but that was ok with me. At 8, her tv cut off and it was dark in her room and she whined because she probably couldn't see! Gregg went in and got her and brought her to me. I was on the phone at the time and couldn't really just go put her back to bed. When I got off the phone, I took her in her room, laid her down, gave her her silky and covered her up and told her "night night!" I closed the door and went back in to the living room. Didn't hear a sound out of her at all. I went in about 30 minutes later to check on her and this is what I saw:
Sleeping Beauty
Curled up with her Silky
How sweet is that?? I was so proud of her! About 30 minutes after I took these pictures, she rolled off the bed and cried and I ran in there and put her back to bed and she went right back to sleep.
Tonight she did the exact same thing! :) I was so happy. She is sound asleep in her little big girl bed! Here is the blog post from when I did this with the twins. It wasn't so smooth with them the first night. Brayden abused the freedom of being able to get out of his bed. We would go in there, after they fell asleep, and he would be laying beside the door with his hand under the doorcrack. :(

Kaidi went to see Dr. B on Thursday and we are going to see an allergy specialist on Wed. in Dothan. She is going to continue on with the breathing treatments for a month and prilosec for 3 weeks. Just pray that we get some answers!
Today (I am writing this post at 1 am Sat. morning) we are going to Cookies with Characters. It is an event put on by a non-profit organization that raises money for non-medical expenses for families of kids with cancer. It was started by a mother who lost a young daughter to cancer. This is a fabulous fundraiser for their organization! This will be the first year that I have gone, so I am excited to see how it goes. I hope that Kaidi will be excited to see some of her favorite characters.
Here are a few extra pics of Kaidi from this week. Gregg kept her Monday and Thursday and his mom kept her Tuesday and Wednesday. So she got to spend the majority of the week at home!
Maw-Maw and Kaidi
Sweet Baby Girl!
Not too happy with Mommy taking pictures of her while she is crying! :)
Seeing the pictures reminds me of a new "accomplishment" Kaidi has reached this week. She LOVES cheese and she put two words together this week and said them OVER and OVER again: "More Cheese"
I was tickled to see her put it together. Anyway. Have a great weekend!


Jodi said...

Is that a Southern expression??? (wild hair) ha ha haaa. I've never heard that before :)

cute, cute pictures. Man, is Kaidi sweet. And getting SO big :)

Meredith Ramer said...

Jodi, I guess so!! :) I've heard it my entire life! AND I have had quite a few "wild hair" moments too! :)

Heather said...

Well hate that I didn't see you Sat. at the character thing. Kaidi is so sweet