February 1, 2011

14 Months

Today, Kaidi is 14 months! Here is a pic from last February:

She has grown SO much over the past year!
It is so hard to believe how ACTIVE she is! She is EVERYWHERE! Her little personality is so sweet and I love how talkative she has become. She loves knowing words. Today, I stayed home with her because S&E have been sick and asked if we could give them a few days to recouperate. Gregg's mom kept her yesterday, I am spending the day with her today and then Gregg will be with her tomorrow. I had a doctors appointment scheduled for in the morning, but since I was off today, I decided to move it to today. We drove over to Andalusia and went to the hopsital so I could do bloodwork and then we went to the ob. After my appointment, we went and picked Gregg up and had lunch with him. It was a very enjoyable day! We stopped by wal-mart before heading home. We played outside for about 30 minutes after she woke up from her nap and then it started raining so we sat on the front porch and enjoyed watching the rain for a little bit. Here are a few things she is up to nowadays:
-Weighs 21 lbs
-Wears 12 month clothes (and a few 18 months)
-Wears a size 3 diaper.
-Sleeps from about 8pm-7am.
-Has to have her "silkie" to sleep with.
-Is still drinking a bottle at night (I know, I said I wanted to break her from this by January. It's not that easy)
-Every morning when I get her out of the bed she says "per" (diaper) and then when I lay her down to change her diaper she points to her tv and say "T". I will turn it on in the morning for her to watch while we finish getting ready. She loves Dinosaur Train and Curious George. I think those are her 2 favorite shows.
-She recognizes and says Sock, shoe, pants, jacket, eye, nose, mouth, purse, hand, bow, car(her little red car), truck (Gregg's truck), dog, Charlie, Maggie, Bird, doll(she has a dr. suess "wocket" that she calls doll), baby, cereal and cup.
-She loves to clap and dance.
-She has become a little bit picky on eating lately, one day she will want eggs, the next day she hates them!
-Did I mention she is Active?? VERY active? She get's in to EVERYTHING!

I love this baby girl more than anything in this world! She just makes my heart smile so big!


Heather said...

She sure is cute! My little boy turned 14 months yesterday! He is quite bigger than she is though lol

Heather @ http://icthroughyou.blogspot.com

Jodi said...

awe, that's such a fun age!!
I miss it. Makes me want another baby :)