January 26, 2011

Wow, It's Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day! I can't decide if this week is dragging or flying by. I just kinda feel.. here.. this week. I told Gregg the other night that I felt like I might be coming down with something, but then yesterday I felt much better. I had a little trouble getting started this morning and I feel like, if I don't eat something immediately, I will pass out. So, I had a healthy bowl of Neopolitan Ice Cream! :) I know, it's a crazy thing to have for breakfast, but I just wanted some sugar to make me feel better! My head has been pounding all day today. I am beginning to think it is from playing that Sniper game on Xbox. You have to really focus to find the people you are trying to shoot! LOL... I'm gonna give it a few days break and see if it helps with my headaches. I'm not typically one to have headaches.. Usually I have caffiene withdrawals that will cause headaches and then, now, I am guessing xbox! Anyway. We had a pretty busy weekend. Kaidi and I went up to joing Gregg Friday night at the cabin he was staying in, and we went out to eat with some great friends. On the way to the resturant, I gave Kaidi my phone to keep her occupied because she was pretty fussy, and she somehow managed to call 911! AHHH! I thought I grabbed the phone quick enough to hang up, but 1 minute later it's ringing and it was the dispatcher. He asked me if everything was ok and I apologized and told him everything was fine, then he asked me why my kid was screaming and I laughed and said, Because I took the phone away from her. (he must not have kids) Anyway, needless to say, Kaidi is no longer allowed to play with my phone! We made it to the resturant and had a DELICIOUS meal! It's called the Old Barn in Goshen, Alabama. It's only opened on Thur,Fri and Sat nights and then Sun for lunch. It's in a huge old barn/cabin type thing and their rib-eyes are fantastic! We got back to the cabin around 9:20 and Gregg set up the playpen while I changed Kaidi's diaper and clothes. She did SO good sleeping there, I was very surprised. She went right to bed and slept until 6. We got up about the same time as Gregg and Doc were getting ready to go hunting. I attempted to get ready, and it actually took me much longer than it should have because Kaidi was so clingy. I managed to get out the door and met Scott and Gina in Luverne to drop Kaidi off with them so I could go judge the cheer competition. I really enjoyed the competition. It does put you in a very odd position, but it was fun and a joy to watch the young girls with the look of nervousness on their faces and remembering being in their shoes. It lasted about an hour and a half and I headed on home. Gregg and Kaidi were still in Luverne so I decided to use the free time I had to go to the grocery store. I got home and unloaded everything and took about an hour nap on the loveseat. Gregg and Kaidi got home and we enjoyed the rest of the weekend just lounging around. Sunday morning was Kaidi's first Sunday in the 1 year old room. She did so good when we got there to leave her. I think it helped that we were running late and when we walked in there were already 4 or 5 other little girls there playing and she just mixed right in, no tears or drama! I did get a little tickled because it was all girls that age, even when Caroline moves up to the 1 year old room, but now, when you go to the bed babies, it's all boys!! Just funny to me.
That's pretty much the jist of what's been going on. Tonight we have company coming for dinner and I am planning on cooking Rolled Chicken Breast (as long as the chicken is thawed out in time). This weekend we have TOO much going on and not enough time to do it all. Things will slow down after this weekend though (hunting season ends) Gregg is going up Thursday night again to the cabin and Kaidi and I may be going up Friday night to join. I still haven't decided for sure because we have Caroline's birthday party so early Saturday morning. My neice' birthday is Saturday and my mom and dad are driving up to go to it and I could go with them, but they are going and coming back all in one day and, well let's put it this way.. I live 20 mins from the Florida line and my brother lives like 2 minutes from the Tennessee line! Long time on the road with a one year old. We are going up there in 2 weeks, so I will just be able to spoil Addison with some birthday love then! :)
I have stepped in to the 2nd trimester of my pregnancy this week! WHOO HOO!! If Kaidi and I go to Luverne Friday night, then I am gonna get Gina to scan me again to see if we can be 100% sure we are having a boy. We already have a first name picked out, but we are still trying to decide on a middle name. The first name is Asher and the middle name is going to start with a "B". Gregg's Papa Shorty's name is AB so he wanted to name our next boy so that he would have the initials AB. So I am going to attempt to add a poll on this post to let you all vote on which "B" name you like the best with Asher! Hopefully it will work. The names are mostly just B names, I do have a cousin named Blake and Bowen is my OB who is very dear to my heart!  Happy Voting!! :) By the Way, Please only vote ONE time!! :)


Jaclyn said...

too funny that she called 911!
and I love the name asher...very cute!

Sara said...

You are one busy momma! I had to vote for Bryce since that is my son;s name:)

Alica Carter said...

I love the name asher! My grandfathers name was was Ashby. (kinda close) I voted for Bowen!

Heather said...

this is why Parker is not allowed to play with my phone... and because he slobbers on it! haha

I voted for Bowen, very unique and cute!!

Heather @ http://icthroughyou.blogspot.com

Jean said...

I will vote Bryce, I think it is cute. I bet it will make Shorty feel good for them to have the same initials. Hope you are feeling well soon.

Heather said...

I was going to use Aiden Bryce, but we changed it to Jace. Bailey called 911 when she was little and the exact same thing happened to me LOL!!!

Jodi said...

I really like the name Asher! I wanted to name our little guy that, but we have an Ashley already and hubby said it's too close.

I like Blake for the middle name :) It sounds good together.

My kids called 911 recently too...then you get the call back and it's embarrassing.

Glad you're feeling good :)

Emily said...

Bowen for sure! And what a good story for his name. My friend Jama's youngest is an Asher. It fits him perfectly. I'm sure an Asher Ramer would be pretty stinkin cute too!

Kylie and crew. said...

I've been reading your blog for a long time and I have an Asher!! His initials are AB too! Weird. Benjamin would be kind of cool...both are tribes of Israel!! Asher has the coolest meaning and I love that it's a Biblical name. I hope your Asher is like mine....happy and so much fun!! :)