January 20, 2011

Long, Rainy Day and More

Monday I took Maggie to Ozark to the vet to get her pins removed. We left Opp around 8:15 and I had the HARDEST time getting her in the back of my Jeep! She kept trying to jump out when I was trying to close the door and finally I just pushed her to the back and slammed the hatch! I felt pretty bad for her because I know how car sick she gets and she kept standing up looking out the windows and I knew, with my driving, that I would eventually knock her down. I did get pretty tickled though, because I looked in my rearview mirror and this is what I saw:

How cute is that? She kept laying her head down on Kaidi's carseat.
We got to the vet clinic around 9:20 and I dropped Maggie off and Kaidi and I headed to Dothan. Kaidi was not very happy about dropping Maggie off. We got to Dothan around 9:45 and I had to kill time until I called the Vet's office back at 3. We shopped around Target for about an hour and I bought Kaidi a new outfit because she had some how managed to wet the one she had on and I didn't think to bring another one. After we left Target, we drove across town to Chick-Fil-A and had lunch. It was pouring down rain and I was VERY disappointed in the day. I was sure hoping for some beautiful weather to enjoy. But I still enjoyed the shopping time with Kaidi. After lunch, I loaded her back up in the jeep, and drove around a little bit and looked back and this is what I saw

So I just pulled in to a parking lot and sat there for an hour and a half while she napped. When I told Gregg this he asked, "you just sat in a  parking lot for an hour and a half and did nothing" and I said, "yeah" and he laughed and said, "your nuts!" I said, "well, I didn't want an ill child the rest of the afternoon." and she was perfect! After she woke up, we went to Burlington Coat Factory and I looked at all the baby stuff! I saw  really cute nursery bedding that I liked and I couldn't resist taking a picture of my lil' shopping buddy

She is just Beautiful! She is doing really well with "more" in her baby sign language and the entire time we were in Burlington, she kept doing "more" for me to give her cheese curls and she ate those just about the entire time we were in there! We left there and headed to Hancock Fabric. I let Kaidi run around in there for a bit just to get a little bit of energy out. She was such a character in there. She was dancing and pointing at all the material! We left there and headed back to Target. It was getting close to 3 and I knew I could call the vet's office shortly and hopefully we would be heading to get Maggie! I took a baby doll back that Kaidi was given 2 of and was able to buy her a few things that she needed. I bought her some new sippy cups, a cute divided plate and some hair detangler (side note story on the hair stuff- Sunday morning when I got her out of bed she had a HUGE "bird's nest" in her hair and I ended up having to wash her entire head to get it out so I thought the detangler would be a great thing to have for a while!)  We loaded back in to the jeep (in the rain) and headed to Ozark. I called the vet's office when I got about half way there just hoping she would be ready and I could just pick her up and head on home.. Boy was I wrong! She wouldn't be ready until 5 so then I had to spend the next 2 hours walking around Wal-Mart in Ozark! Kaidi was definitely getting tired of shopping and I was getting pretty tired myself! I let her run around for about 10 minutes and then I went and got a buggy and fed her some snack while we walked around. She did really good and I was proud of how well she did considering the long, dreary day we had. We picked up Mags at 5 and got home around 6. Gregg had started on supper and I finished up the meat while he hopped in the shower and then when he got out he finished up supper and I went and hopped in real quick. Kaidi went to bed pretty early Monday night and I think I did too! :)
Got up Tuesday morning and decided to try to put Kaidi's hair in pigtails. I didn't even realize it until right this very moment while typing this post that I had the exact same outfit on Kenadi with pigtails for her last valentines. Here are the pics
Kaidi is 13 months here
Brayden and Kenadi are 21 months here.
Gosh I miss those 2 so much! I was looking at Kaidi last night during supper and she is SO much like both of them. SO MUCH! It's a blessing, but sometimes it hurts. Anyway, back to tuesday morning, Gregg called me on his way to S&E's to drop her off and said that the pigtails did not survive! That she had one out and was working on the other one! :) LOL... Oh well! At least I got a picture of them!

I started working on this post Tuesday, but my camera was dead and I couldn't get all the pictures off and I am just now getting back to this post today (thursday) Last night was pretty uneventful until 8:15. Gregg called me (he had been down at Jay's working on a rocking horse for someone) He was heading to the ER and I asked him what happened and he said he cut his finger on the bandsaw. I asked him how bad and he said he didn't know but thought it was pretty deep. I called our neighbors across the street and Katie hadn't made it in from school yet and I asked Brock if he minded coming and sitting at our house with Kaidi (who was good and asleep) while i went to the ER to check on Gregg. He and Banks got there and I was out the door. Gregg linced me on the way and asked if I had any change because he needed a drink because he thought he was gonna pass out. Anytime Gregg has cut his hand/fingers in the past he always gets very woozy. When I got to the ER and walked through the doors, I could see on his face he was about to pass out. He was so pale. I got him a Dr. Pepper and they brought him back to check his blood pressure and take a quick look at his finger. He started feeling better and they sent us back out to the waiting room until they had a room available. The nurse mentioned that he was most likely gonna have to get stitches. So Gregg sat there and worried about that the entire time. 20-30 mins later, they got us back there and after giving him a tetanus shot and cleaning his thumb off, they decided just to glue it back together. Gregg was SO happy! :) I was too, because I was not looking forward to seeing him get a shot in his thumb and watch it being sewn up.
We don't have much going on this weekend. Gregg is off tomorrow and is planning on doing some hunting with a buddy of his and Saturday morning I have been asked to judge a cheerleading competition for a local school, so I will be doing that. I am a lil anxious about this. I have judged a cheerleading try-outs before, but never a competition. I had to give the coach a bio with my cheer experience, and it has been 7 years since I was in school and I couldn't remember how many titles we had! That's bad isn't it! I knew for a fact we had one state title and 2 national titles, but I wasn't sure about the runner-ups and other placements we had. It's hard to believe that was 10 years ago! Here is one of the pics I have on my facebook that I thought I would share to reminisce! Wow, we all look so young! :) This was my senior year at state.


Meg said...

I love all the pictures! Especially the ones of Maggie resting her head on Kaidi's carseat, so cute. It sounds like you had SUCH a long day, kudos to you.

Those pictures of Kaidi in the same shirt Kennedy wore last year is priceless. I hope you have a good week.

Jodi said...

Sounds like you've been busy :)

What was wrong with Maggie? How many dogs do you have now, just Maggie....or wasn't there a stray......yeah, Charlie I think.

Kaidi really is such a mixture of B&K and yet, so beautiful just because she's 'Kaidi'....

Hope you're feeling well :)


Meredith Ramer said...

Maggie broke her leg back in November and had surgery to place pins in it for healing. We just had the pins taken out last Monday. We do still have Charlie too! Charlie and Maggie love each other so much, it's sweet!
Yes, Kaidi is a great mixture but also has her unique looks/expressions as well. I love it!
I am feeling good, a lil under the weather lately, but hopefully will not come down with the Flu!
Thank you!